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Candace Cameron Bure Shares Hilarious Video of Moving Day for Daughter ‘Again’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Moving to a new home is often very exciting. It’s also a lot of hard work for those moving – and, sometimes, even for their parents. This is a fact of life Candace Cameron Bure knows all too well.

She knows that thanks to her daughter, 22-year-old actress, Natasha Bure. Natasha, according to what her mother shared on Instagram this week, is moving to a new home – “again.”

And like many other parents, the 45-year-old actress was helping her daughter move into her new home. The Instagram post includes two videos and a photo of the mother-daughter team getting to work.

Candace Cameron Bure even added the caption, “It’s moving day for @natashabure (again). Go to my stories for more real life ridiculousness. *Celebrities… they’re just like us.”

The first video shows the duo in an elevator, laughing, and having a good time, despite working hard.

“It’s for fun,” a laughing Natasha says in this video. “It’s for fun, honestly.”

The second part of the Instagram post is a photo of Natasha posing at the back of a moving van. There are already several items packed and loaded for the move. Finally, Bure posted a video of the U-Haul truck. This video included a voiceover by the proud mother.

“It’s moving day for Natasha and guess who’s driving the truck – that’d be me,” she says with a laugh.

You can watch Candace Cameron Bure and Natasha having fun below.

Natasha moving isn’t the only major development in the lives of Candace Cameron Bure’s children, recently.

Just a few days ago, news came to light that her son, Levi Bure, was no longer engaged.

Celebrities, Respond to Candace Cameron Bure’s Moving Day Post on Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure received many positive comments about her moving day post with her daughter, Natasha. Some of the love came from her celebrity pals.

For example, author Meaghan B. Murphy (meaghanbmurphy) posted this kind comment: “Your relationship with @natashabure is goals! I hope to have that much fun moving my Charley girl someday.”

Celebrity trainer Kira Stokes (@kirastokesfit) also chimed in on Bure’s post: “I mean…this was FUNctional training at its best…no dolly? No problem.”

Television host and producer Josh McBride also had something sweet to say about the mother-daughter moving day.

“Our baby is growing up!!!,” McBride said.

And, in response to McBride’s comment, Candace Cameron Bure shared a few details about her daughter’s move.

@joshymcb she only moved home because of the Pandemic. She back out again,” Bure shared.