Candace Cameron Bure Shares a Moment with Her 98-Year-Old Grandma Who’s ‘Sassy as Ever’

by Amy Myers

Even when the cameras aren’t rolling, the center of Candace Cameron Bure’s life is her family. Recently, the Fuller House star visited her grandmother with her daughter, Natasha, in tow. The beautiful Bure women posed beside their 98-year-old grandmother, who Cameron Bure claims is “as sassy as ever.”

She posted a photo from her visit in which the two Bures posed on either side of Cameron Bure’s grandmother. Along with the tribute to her grandmother, the Fuller House star also tagged her mother, Barbara, who presumably couldn’t join them.

“Natasha and I spent time with my sweet grandma Jeanne today. She’s 98 years old and is as sassy as ever,” Candace Cameron Bure said in the caption. “We know where we got it from.”

Fans of the Fuller House star flocked to her comments, reminding her to treasure those moments with her loved one.

“She’s so pretty. So sweet That you spent time with her today. Those are precious moments you’re lucky to still have her around. Cherish every moment!” one fan wrote.

When she’s not attending interviews or shooting TikTok dance videos, Candace Cameron Bure is showing appreciation for her versatile, talented family members. Cameron Bure has three kids, the eldest being Natasha (23). Following in her mother’s footsteps, Natasha is a fledgling actress with the same model-like qualities as Cameron Bure. Meanwhile, oldest son Lev (21) has become a preacher, and youngest son Maksim (19) has taken after his father and plays hockey.

Candace Cameron Bure Shares Pride for Family Business

Besides their individual endeavors, Candace Cameron Bure and her family share one business, Bure Family Wines. She, her husband, Val and Maksim, in particular, have taken charge of the Napa Valley company, and Cameron Bure couldn’t help but share her pride in what her family has created.

With her Bure Family hat, Candace Cameron Bure recently posted a clip of her walking across the estate, encouraging fans to check out their brand.

“I don’t share about our other business much, but I’m so proud of my husband and son. Bure Family Wines was established in 2006. Check out my stories. You can’t find us in stores,” Cameron Bure wrote.

According to the company’s official site, the business venture began after Val’s teammates helped him fall in love with wine. Following Val’s retirement, he and Candace Cameron Bure decided to launch a winery of their own. Now, the couple produces white wine varieties, using local grapes, fruits and other essential ingredients. Truly a multi-faceted family, there isn’t a single boring Bure in the bunch.