Candace Cameron Bure Shares Wholesome Post from Photoshoot Centered Around Her Faith

by Jennifer Shea

Actress Candace Cameron Bure is sharing a wholesome picture from a recent photoshoot with her Instagram followers. The shoot focused on her faith, with Cameron Bure posing in a modest dress and holding a Bible.

“Any day is a GREAT day if the photoshoot is based around the Bible, devotionals to point you back to the Bible, and did I mention the Bible?” Cameron Bure posted Wednesday. “I love and appreciate my @dayspringcards family so much!”

DaySpring Cards is a subsidiary of Hallmark that sells Christian cards and gifts. Cameron Bure reportedly has a partnership with DaySpring through which she sells gifts like Bibles, candles and mugs.

Candace Cameron Bure Is a Committed Christian

It was in 2000, at age 24, that Cameron Bure devoted herself fully to the Christian ministry, according to That followed her brother and fellow child TV star Kirk Cameron’s embrace of evangelization.

Cameron Bure’s faith has played a big role in the success of her marriage to former pro hockey player Valeri Bure, Cameron Bure told Fox News in 2014. And she acknowledged that the couple has had their share of struggles. But ultimately, she said, they still value and respect each other.

“We really base our marriage on the foundation of the Bible and living our marriage the way we believe honors God,” Cameron Bure said.

Acting or Faith? She Says She Doesn’t Have to Choose

While Hollywood may be known for its Babylonian excesses, Candace Cameron Bure says she has carved out a career for herself that is not at odds with her Christian faith.

“My faith is really the foundation of who I am,” the actress told Fox News last year. “It’s so important to me, and it’s always a part of me, whether it’s at home and privately, or when I’m reading the Bible in Bible study. But also at work, and the choices I make within work, and the companies I choose to work with and the projects that I choose to take on.”

Over the years, Cameron Bure has had to pass on a lot of projects due to her Christian beliefs. And she said it was easy to let some of those projects go. But other times, it really hurt. Still, she said she doesn’t want to have “any sort of red flag in my heart” over a project that doesn’t feel spiritually concordant to her.

In addition to her acting credits on the Hallmark Channel, Cameron Bure has founded a production company, Candy Rock Entertainment, that produces family-friendly entertainment. So at the end of the day, she’s satisfied with the work she has done, including that Bible-toting photoshoot for DaySpring.