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Candace Cameron Bure on ‘The View:’ ‘I Would Much Rather Share Jesus With People. That’s Really My Passion’

by Matthew Wilson
Candace Cameron Bure on 'The View:' 'I Would Much Rather Share Jesus'
Photo credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Candace Cameron Bure doesn’t have any plans on getting her old hosting gig back.

The daytime talkshow The View is looking to fill its fifth chair after Abby Huntsman left. Huntsman decided to focus her efforts on helping her father with his Utah governor campaign, according to CNN.

Bure co-hosted the show but left in 2016 and has no plans in returning.

“I just don’t publicly want to talk about politics,” Bure told Fox News. “Not because I don’t believe that my viewpoints and opinions are importan, but I would much rather share Jesus with people. That’s really my passion.”

Bure said she rather focus on her faith and ministries and how to bring people together.

“I don’t want to get into the political debate because it just is about division and separation. And I want to learn. I want to be [part of] a conversation about how to build a bridge,” she said.

Candace Cameron Bure is busy filming Hallmark movies and spending time with family.

One way Bure hopes to bring a little positivity to people’s lives is with the Shipt Shuffle Challenge. The actress partnered with the delivery service Shipt to bring a little cheer to the start of the school year.


Bure is most famously known for her role as DJ Tanner on Full House. She reprised the role in the Netflix sequel Fuller House, which ended its run earlier this year. Bure has kept busy since then, spending time with family and shooting two Hallmark films in Canada.

“The one good thing about [working with new safety guidelines] is that everyone has to move it a little bit slower of a pace because everyone can’t do their job at the same time. I actually think that’s a plus,” she said. “It allows people to do their specific job with a little extra room and a few extra minutes. I think it’s a really good positive thing because usually everyone is in such a rush to get it done so fast, so [quickly] and so now everyone’s taking a breath.”

Bure married former ice hockey star Valeri Bure 1996, and the couple shares three kids. Bure and her family are busy preparing for her son Lev’s upcoming wedding.

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