Candace Cameron Bure Would Rather ‘Share Jesus’ Than Join ‘The View,’ Twitter Sounds Off

by Jacklyn Krol
Candace Cameron Bure The View Jesus Comments
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin, Getty Images

The Comments From Candace Cameron Bure

In an interview with Fox News on Friday (September 4), Bure spoke candidly about her time on the Emmy award-winning talk show. She said that she would not return as a host but would be open to an appearance as a guest.

 “I’m done with that chapter. I’m very grateful for that time in my life but I just don’t publicly want to talk about politics,” she began. “Not because I don’t believe that my viewpoints and opinions are important but I would much rather share Jesus with people. That’s really my passion.”

“I don’t want to get into the political debate because it just is about division and separation,” Bure continued. “And I want to learn. I want to be [a part of] a conversation about how to build a bridge.”

Candace’s Time on the Show

Bure was a co-host on the show from 2015-2016. During her time on the show, she was often criticized for her conservative views. 

During one episode, her fellow co-hosts poked fun at weight.  “We were just discussing whether it’s better to be anorexic or bulimic backstage,” Joy Behar said after a commercial break. “Please know that while this is in jest, as someone that has dealt with an eating disorder, I don’t want to make light of anyone that has it,” Bure replied. The incident led to an off-air apology from Behar to Bure. 

She left the show after a year due to work commitments and her frequent travel from Los Angeles to New York to film the show.  Earlier this year, she revealed to Good Housekeeping that she rejected offers from the show to be a co-host “several times.”