Candace Cameron Bure Wants to Avoid ‘Repeats’ With Hallmark Christmas Films

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure is the Queen of Christmas. The Hallmark Channel gave her that title because she seems to be the perfect actress for the network’s slate of Christmas movies. Her 10th film with the channel, The Christmas Contest, debuted on Sunday. All of her Hallmark movies have debuted the Sunday after Thanksgiving. They’re consistently the highest-rated movies in the network’s holiday line-up each year.

But with success comes expectations, and Candace Cameron Bure takes those obligations seriously.

“I want to produce a great film that people are going to love and want to watch over and over again and look forward to it every Christmas season,” Candace Cameron Bure recently told E! News. “And at the same time, this being my 10th Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel, you do try to make them as different as you can, while still staying in the framework of a Hallmark movie. So, there’s always pressure to not have a repeat story, the repeat beats, the same tropes that you can fall into with a Hallmark film. There’s pressure, but I’m very aware of what those elements are and try my best to make it fresh and new every year.”

She teamed up with her former Fuller House beau John Brotherton for The Christmas Contest. She recruited him to be in the movie. Bure is synonymous with the movies so she wants to take ownership of the productions.

“I take great pride and joy in my movies and in showing them to the viewers and hope that they love them,” she said. “But it’s not just me being a hired actor by Hallmark coming into these. It’s a much bigger process for me than that. So, that’s why I do have a lot of pride in creating the best product I can.”

Heavy Is the Head That Wears The Christmas Crown

Candace Cameron Bure is proud of the work she’s done with Hallmark, but she admits it wasn’t always fun. She sets high expectations for herself with each project, and she wants to raise that bar every year. That’s a lot to put on yourself, and she admits that it was probably too much.

“I did feel an immense amount of pressure [last year] as every movie does well in the ratings,” the 45-year-old actress told Us Weekly. “And then you always want to hit that mark and exceed that mark. And last year, I finally let it go because it’s not the reason why I make these movies. I make them because I love them. And I know that the viewers that watch them really love them, and they mean something to them. I always try to make it the best that I can, but I let the pressure go last year.”

She focused on the things she could control when making The Christmas Contest and the rest fell into place.

“It made making this one that much better because I just enjoyed it,” she continued. “And, you know, I’m trying not to think about all the other markers. Let it be what it is and enjoy it.”