Carole Baskin Suing Netflix for Footage Used in ‘Tiger King 2’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Since the premiere of Netflix’s “Tiger King” which launched near the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic, Outsiders have seen much drama unfold regarding the show’s cast. Now, we are weeks away from the second installment of the documentary series. Simultaneously, Carole Baskin is suing the iconic streaming network for earlier footage of herself and her husband within “Tiger King 2.”

According to Variety, Baskin filed the lawsuit in Tampa, Florida on Monday. The outlet further detailed the suit specifically targets streamer and production company Royal Goode Productions.

Carole Baskin previously starred in the first installment of “Tiger King.” However, the company reportedly breached contract in continuing to use old footage of the star and her husband Howard Baskin in the new installment. The outlet reported she and her husband had only signed release forms for the original “Tiger King.”

Documents claim, “The Appearance Releases limited Royal Goode Productions’ right to use film footage of the Baskins to ‘a documentary motion picture.'” The document continues with, “there is only reference to and mention of ‘the Picture.'” Simply put, the release forms make no mention of allowing the Baskins’ portrayal in any further productions.

Now, according to Variety, the Baskins have demanded Netflix remove any footage of themselves from the film, with the intent on bringing their case to court.

As far as Carole Baskin’s feelings regarding “Tiger King” overall, she’s stated, “I wouldn’t call Eric Goode or Rebecca Chaiklin true documentarians. I mean that was just a reality show dumpster fire.”

In essence then, Baskin truly did whack “Tiger King,” its producers, and, now, Netflix.

Carole Baskin Slams Netflix Following ‘Tiger King 2’ Trailer

Outsiders who’ve watched “Tiger King” and followed the drama know Miss Carole Baskin is, well, a little eccentric. She made the fact known during her air time on the original “Tiger King” installment. Following headlines continued that narrative after.

Now, in addition to the Royal Goode Productions lawsuit, the Netflix icon has also slammed the new movie overall.

Overall, Baskin holds irresolvable anger toward the “Tiger King” director, Rebecca Chaiklin. Following the debut of the first installment, the director attempted to “clear the air” regarding the series’ portrayed of Baskin.

“I told her to lose my number,” the “Tiger King” icon said. “There is no explanation for such a betrayal and false portrayal.”

The original portrayal of Carole Baskin ended with her receiving unprecedented death threats and criticism.

Now, as is expected, Baskin “is refusing to be played again.”

As far as the trailer goes, reports state viewers see Baskin “prominently” walking down a hallway. The next frames show billboards inquiring what happened to her former husband, Don Lewis.

As of now, things appear on schedule for the new movie regardless. Although it will be interesting to see how Baskin’s lawsuit plays out.