Carrie Ann Inaba Posts Childhood Photo with Passionate Message: ‘Everything is Still Possible’

by Quentin Blount

Today we may recognize Carrie Ann Inaba as a co-host of The Talk. When she looks in the mirror, however, she stills sees the little girl she once was.

Carrie Ann Inaba has come a very long way in her life. From co-hosting and moderating the popular CBS daytime talk show, to having a stint on Dancing with the Stars. But fans may know that she hasn’t had it so easy as of late. In fact, the popular role model had to take a leave of absence from her position on the talk due to various health issues.

But she never lets any of that bring her down. Inaba takes the time to check in on more than 400,000 Instagram followers — and she even encourages them to check back in with her as well. On Thursday, the talk show host gave her followers a gentle reminder that deep down, we are all still the children we once were. She did so by posting a touching letter about the dreams from her early days. She even includes a snap of her playing in the sand.

“This little girl had dreams,” Inaba begins her most post. “She loved animals… all animals. She loved listening to the palm tree fronds as they swished back and forth against each other in the Hawaiian breeze. She could have sworn they were telling her secrets about the universe. She also was very close to nature, that nature and the earth, and all that comes from the earth were her closest friends. She loved the possibilities that were always available to her from this earth and her wild and immeasurable energy.”

Carrie Ann Inaba Dreams of a World Where Humans and Animals are ‘Not So Different’

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a caring person like Carrie Ann Inaba has a soft spot for animals. She has always longed for a world where humans and animals “care” about and “understand” each other.

“This little girl also loved to move. It was a way of expressing herself when the words did not do the emotion or thought justice,” she explained. “She dreamed of so many worlds, worlds where animals and humans were not so different. Where we all cared for each other and understood each other.”

And in the end, she encourages all of her many fans and followers to never give up on their dreams. Instead, she says to nurture them by letting them “grow” and by “letting your adult side” help you accomplish them.

Inaba has accomplished many things she has set out for and more in her life. And she doesn’t appear to be holding back. Fans probably guessed it — but the little girl in Inaba’s post is her.

“She was me. And she still is me,” Inaba says proudly.