Carrie Ann Inaba Shows Off Her ‘Boss’ in New Pic Amid ‘The Talk’ Hiatus

by Joe Rutland

Carrie Ann Inaba, a co-host on CBS’s “The Talk,” thought it would be a great idea to show the world who actually is the “Boss” in her world.

Inaba, who has been away from “The Talk” for a bit due to health reasons, gave us all the “inside scoop” on her boss in this cute picture from her Instagram.

“She is the boss of me. And I love it,” Inaba wrote in connection with the picture.  It should not come as a surprise for anyone following Inaba closely that she’d have an animal with her. “The Talk” co-host has been very involved with animal rights groups like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States.

In 2012, Inaba started the Carrie Ann Animal Foundation. But this picture simply highlights her deep love for animals like her dog, Peanut.

Don’t be surprised if you see even more pictures in the future with Inaba and animals. They simply are a part of her life now and, apparently, forever.

‘The Talk’ Co-Host Offers Some Updates Around Her Health Issues

As we mentioned earlier, Inaba has been away from “The Talk” because of health issues. She also is a judge on ABC’s popular “Dancing With the Stars” show, too.

Well, Inaba offered her fans an update, again, through Instagram.

“I noticed a lot of you are asking about ‘The Talk,'” Inaba said. “If I’m coming back and what’s happening there. I should have some news soon about what’s going on with my future and ‘The Talk.’

“As soon as I know what’s going on with ‘The Talk’ I will let you know, I promise,” Inaba wrote. “I’m very excited about ‘Dancing With the Stars’ starting on September 20. We got our official date and everything’s good, and I look forward to sharing with you guys the news about ‘The Talk’.”

Inaba Joined CBS Show in 2019 Replacing Julie Chen

So the one-time “Fly Girl” on the FOX TV comedy show “In Living Color” confirmed a return to her judge’s seat. Yet what about “The Talk” and her future? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Inaba became part of “The Talk” in 2019 as she replaced Julie Chen. Last April, Inaba left the talk show for medical reasons. She has a condition, Lupus, and deals with injuries from her active dancing days.

Ironically, it came after Sharon Osbourne left the show offer comments supporting British talk-show host Piers Morgan.

“When it all kind of settles into my mind, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in order to help everybody else who might be struggling with similar issues,” Inaba said.