Carrie Ann Inaba Snaps ‘Pool Time’ Bikini Selfie Amid Leave of Absence From ‘The Talk’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

The Talk host Carrie Ann Inaba knows how to prioritize self-care with a pool-side summer selfie. Dressed in a black-and-white leopard-print bikini, Inaba poses with slicked-back hair and an easygoing smile against the edge of the pool.

Her photo comes during her leave of absence from hosting The Talk, a CBS Daytime talk show that discusses hot button issues and news from a team of women’s perspective. Inaba joined The Talk team in 2019 after several appearances as a guest. Since then Inaba has struggled with autoimmune conditions that have affected her physical and mental health.

Carrie Ann Inaba Is an Autoimmune Warrior

In a post on her website, Carrie Ann Inaba reveals, “I’ve been diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions: lupus, Sjogrën’s, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and, most recently, vasculitis. For many years now, my life has been full of ups and downs, and lots of hard work to help me to feel my best, to land at a new normal that’s comfortable and sustainable.”

Prior to her temporary exit, Inaba had to take a few days off in March when she began experiencing “sharp, shooting pains” and numbness in her arms, according to ET. She came back to the show shortly after in April after the show took a hiatus following the controversy surrounding former host Sharon Osbourne. However, her return did not last long.

Just two weeks later, Inaba announced her leave of absence with an Instagram video.

“I know you guys understand health is the most important thing,” Inaba addressed, “So I appreciate your support. I appreciate the love and support from ‘The Talk’ family, and I hope to be back soon.”

Inaba Hopes to Still Host ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Although she may not appear on-screen now, Carrie Ann Inaba still expects to host Dancing With the Stars this fall. Her co-hosts, Derek Hough, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli will join her for the show’s 30th season. However, in order to be well enough to follow through with this plan, Inaba will need lots of R-and-R.

Translation? More pool-side selfies.

Inaba wrote in the caption of her most recent photo, “They say water can be healing… What do you think? I think so. And sometimes…it’s just hot out.”

The autoimmune warrior also says that a significant part of journey to wellness is community.

“Knowing that there are others out there, more than we think, all working hard to find solutions and make tomorrow better than yesterday was, is a thought that gives me comfort even when coping with my conditions is hard,” Inaba shares on her website. “Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or you’re still struggling to find answers, you’re not alone, and we’re all in this together.”