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Carrie Underwood Admits She Almost Bailed on ‘American Idol’ Audition

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for dcp)

Carrie Underwood, a Grammy-winning country music artist and one of the top female superstars, hesitated on if she should audition for “American Idol,” which started her successful career.

Speaking With Two “American Idol” Stars

Underwood tells her story in a preview of Friday’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” The fact both stars began their careers on “American Idol” wasn’t lost on Clarkson.

“I don’t think people would be happy with us if we didn’t at least mention ‘American Idol,'” began Clarkson, the first “American Idol” winner. “I actually find this amazing. Is it true that you almost didn’t audition?”

The now-famous Underwood takes the stage with confidence and a sassy attitude as she ravishes the audience with her vocals and performances. But in 2005, auditioning for American Idol seems to be too “scary” for her, she explains to Kelly.

Carrie Underwood Almost Let Fear Get the Best of Her

“It was scary,” she says. “So I definitely had a moment of ‘What am I doing?’ It’s easier to stay home, you know? But I mean, I wouldn’t be doing anything I’m doing now.”

Season 4 of “American Idol” displays Carrie’s talents for the whole world to see, shooting her to stardom in the music industry.

However, during an interview with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood admits she almost didn’t audition.

Underwood opens up to Kelly, replying, “Once things started taking off and then the thought of me going to Hollywood by myself and I’d never been on a plane before, it was very unlike me to just go for it.”

Underwood is a Success in Putting Out a Christmas Album

Carrie also spoke with Clarkson on her new Christmas album “My Gift.” She brought in other talents, including John Legend, and one special performer, her 5-year-old son Isaiah, who sang with his mom on “Little Drummer Boy.” Isaiah takes after Carrie in vocal talents. However, he wasn’t afraid to step up to the microphone and perform.

“He did such a great job and listening back, I feel like he’s just so proud of himself,” she continued. “He went to school and he’s like, ‘Hey, my song’s out! Want to hear my song?’ They were listening to it in his class.”

One lesson Carrie Underwood’s story represents is not letting fear stand in the way of success. If she never would’ve auditioned for “American Idol,” she wouldn’t be performing a Christmas album with her son, and her many fans would be missing out on her beautiful voice.