Catherine Zeta-Jones Rocks Gray Hair and a Bathrobe in New Mirror Selfie

by Samantha Whidden

Showing off just how effortlessly gorgeous she truly is, Catherine Zeta-Jones took to her Instagram with her latest selfie. 

“Hello…” Catherine Zeta-Jones captions the picture, which features her rocking gray hair and a floral bathrobe. Fans can’t help but be jealous of the Chicago actress.

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently spoke about her make-up style to The Telegraph’s Stella. “I’m a huge lover of old Hollywood glamour and a bit of an eye-make-up girl,” Zeta-Jones explains. She also admits that she probably has had every great make-up product line put on her face.

“I’m not the kind of actress who never wears make-up unless they are in front of a camera,” Catherine proclaims. “And just becomes a talking head for a make-up line. I actually really love make-up.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones Discusses Beauty Aspects in Acting Career

Also during her interview with Stella, Catherine Zeta-Jones discusses how looks are part of her acting career one way or another. “In my career, there has always been a kind of beauty aspect to it,” Catherine explains. The Mask of Zorro actress also claims that she was “pigeonholed” for so many years being a musical comedy actress. 

Catherine then admits that there are some beauty drawbacks. “When I read a script and the character’s description has a prefix of ‘beautiful, stunning, gorgeous,’ it’s always very disconcerting and intimidating,” Zeta-Jones states. She also says she would never consider herself a ‘great beauty’ but her mother always told her to make the best out of herself. 

“What I do know is that my face – I was told this by a make-up artist and I’ve taken it as a compliment as I don’t know how else to take it – is a blank canvas,” Catherine proclaims. She then notes that her face, through make-up, can have different looks.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Talks Impossible Beauty Standards For Younger Women on Social Media 

Catherine Zeta-Jones then talks about how there are some impossible beauty standards being put upon younger women through social media platforms.

“I really feel sorry for my daughter’s generation, who are inundated with images on social with filters,” Catherine admits. She also explains that there isn’t actually a real representation of a woman.

In regards to having confidence in herself, Catherine explains, “I have my insecurities like every other woman. But as I’ve got older, I’ve got much more confident about the way that I look.” 

Catherine then adds that her anti-aging treatment is doing whatever makes her happy. “An inner confidence is very empowering for women. Whatever that takes, do it.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ most recent acting project was in the Fox series Prodigal Son starring Tom Payne and Michael Sheen. The network recently put an end to the show after just two seasons.