Catherine Zeta-Jones Taking on Iconic Role in Upcoming ‘Addams Family’ Netflix Series

by Matthew Memrick

In an upcoming “Addams Family” Netflix Series, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is tackling the iconic role of Morticia.

Jones, who is coming off her role in the recently-canceled Fox drama “Prodigal Son,” will be a guest star on the “Addams Family” spinoff “Wednesday.”

Director Tim Burton will direct the 51-year-old Zeta-Jones in the eight-episode series. Further, longtime actor Luis Guzman signed up for the series and will play the part of Gomez. To start the casting, producers picked lead actress Jenna Ortega in May. Ortega also acted in the TV series “Jane The Virgin” and voiced the lead role in the animated Disney series “Elena of Avalon.”

The Hollywood Reporter described the upcoming series as “a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy.” 

In addition to the character’s life as a student, Wednesday will attempt to master her growing psychic ability.

Also, the young woman works to stop a killing spree that has haunted the local town. To top it all off, she will learn about a mystery involving her parents from years ago. 

Ortega joins Lisa Loring, Christina Ricci and, more recently, Chloë Grace Moretz in longtime Addams Family role.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Series’ Prodigal Son’ Canceled

After two seasons, Fox did not extend Catherine Zeta-Jones’s “Prodigal Son” for the third season. She joined with her longtime friend, Michael Sheen, up for the show’s Season 2. According to, sliding ratings made the decision easy. Sadly, many in the cast lamented the show’s demise. 

After the show’s cancellation, Zeta-Jones had concerns about her health in May. Hello Magazine also reported that she shared her personal video about getting checked for skin cancer by a dermatologist.

In the photo, the doctor checked Catherine Zeta-James’s body for moles and freckles on her body.

“Me and Dr. Ellen. Get checked. Skin cancer awareness month,” she said.

In a past cancer moment with her family, her husband, 76-year-old actor Michael Douglas, battled with throat cancer and recovered after going through chemotherapy recently.

Zeta-Jones Celebrated Her Son’s Birthday

On Sunday, the actress took to Instagram to share a clip of her son while posting a special note.

Dylan Douglas turned 21 and the clip showed the Brown University student was a pretty good dancer at a wedding party.

According to US Magazine in 2019, Dylan worked hard to overcome some dyslexia to get to college and went to special schools.

His father, Michael Douglas, said “He worked really hard, and the fact that he worked himself up to get into an Ivy League school, I’m just so proud of him.”

At the time, Zeta-Jones said Dylan desired to go into acting and join his famous family in the acting world. But she related her concerns, too. Dylan has a younger sister, Carys.

Additionally, she said her children knew how acting was a tough profession.

Also, Zeta-Jones about her famous family in a March 17 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

“I’ve had a wonderful life in this business,” Zeta-Jones explained. “So, if they want to do it, they know the hardships and the percentages of who makes it and who doesn’t, so I just think they have got the talent, and I know that they have the drive.”