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‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’: What Are the Chances of the Show Being Renewed?

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Will Celebrity Wheel of Fortune be renewed for a third season? Here is all of the information we have right now.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is a pretty new spinoff of the popular game show. It is fun for fans to watch celebrities come together to compete and solve various puzzles. While its second season ended last night, fans are wondering if ABC will renew the series for a third run.

ABC has not yet stated whether or not they will renew the show. A large dip in ratings concerns viewers that the chances are not looking good. According to sources, the second season of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune dropped 40% in total viewers. This may also be due to its time slot. Competing with Sunday Night Football, the latest season has aired on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. EST. With the Super Bowl inching closer, it can be difficult to hold viewers’ attention.

However, the show costs very little to produce. While ratings are lower, the network may renew the game show spinoff when football season is over. With the original series still succeeding, this could be a show to promote in the summer months.

While we are unsure when ABC will make their final decision, we will give you Outsiders an update soon.

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Finale

Last night, ABC aired the season finale of “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.” Viewers enjoyed the show’s all-star lineup, including Laverne Cox, Von Miller, and Ali Wentworth. The competitive nature of the celebrities is always fun to watch, and last night’s episode was no different.

NFL linebacker Von Miller scored big for his charity, Von’s Vision Foundation. “Giving kids the gift of site,” the non-profit provides eye care and glasses to low-income students. His hard work solving the puzzles paid off, earning him $30,000 to donate right back to his cause.

Fans are happy to see Von Miller succeeding on the game show. During an easier puzzle, he gets lucky and randomly guesses the correct letter! In an effort to solve a “Before & After” puzzle, Miller was stumped by the board, reading “Ardi B Letters.” Randomly guessing the letter “c,” he completes the puzzle combining rapper Cardi B and “B vitamins.”

“Cardi B and B vitamins, and we stuck them together and got a ‘Before & After,’” Sajak says after he wins.

“I would have never guessed that,” Miller responds.

“Von, you are making it look easy, my friend,” the host replies with a smile.

We love that celebrities are able to play the game and give back to charity at the same time. Who would you want to see on the show? Let us know.