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Charlie Brown Holiday Specials Won’t Air on Cable TV This Year, Fans Everywhere Are Furious

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Charlie Brown fans won’t be watching Linus’s meaning of Christmas speech nor Charlie Brown drone ‘I got a rock,’ from their cable TV screens this year. ABC has cut the holiday specials that so many hold dear and handed the reins over to Apple TV+.

Apple TV’s streaming service will air the Charlie Brown holiday specials rather than the iconic films appearing on a cable network schedule. While AppleTV+ typically restricts its entertainment behind a paywall of a $4.99 subscription, the app will be offering a limited time of free viewing for fans.

An Apple TV press release confirms “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” will be free to stream between October 30 and November 1. The Thanksgiving special will be available November 25 through the 27th. And finally, viewers can watch the Christmas special for free on the app between December 11 and December 13th, leading up to the holidays.

While the holiday specials will be available for a bit on the streaming app, fans don’t find the few days of streaming to suffice. The Charlie Brown specials personify the holidays to many people. The films taste like stale candy-corn, sound like laughter around the Thanksgiving table, and smell like fresh pine needles in the living room. Now, fans of the classic cartoon films are forced to watch via an app. To put it simply, they are far from amused.

Twitter users from across the country have taken it upon themselves to light up the social media site with their grievances of losing Charlie Brown on cable TV.

Some think a tradition like this is too strong and too important to be broken.

One user hilariously says this move by ABC is going to be the beginning of their transformation into a villainous character, like in comic books and superhero movies. They write the specials no longer airing on TV will lead to their “villain origin story.”

In addition, they go on to quote tweet a post they wrote in April, referring to their excitement and anticipation for the holiday specials. Now, the specials are gone and the user cites this as Chapter 1 of their villain story. They also add they don’t care that it will be available on the app, writing “and i’m not downloading apple tv and making an apple id to watch them either so don’t bother suggesting it.”

Another user shared an altered GIF from a Charlie Brown film. The explicit wording on the tweet clearly shares their frustration with the change.

This user similarly uses a GIF to address feelings of exasperation with the pandemic as a whole. Users have been placing 2020 mishaps on the cartoon characters while using the trending #2020PeanutsSpecials hashtag.

So yes, we can watch the classics on the app. And yes, it’s free… But seriously, 2020? Taking away Charlie Brown from cable? The year’s misfortune is nearly predictable at this point.