Charlize Theron Shares Rare Video of Her two Daughters on Yacht Vacation

by Anna Dunn

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron just shared a rare video of herself and her two daughters vacationing on a yacht. The iconic South African actress is very protective of her children’s privacy, and only posts about them on rare vacations in order to respect their well-being.

Charlize is part of a growing wave of celebrities intent on keeping their children out of the spotlight unless they want it. She’s voiced just how much she wants to protect their privacy and has only shared a couple photos previously. The beautiful video, which doesn’t show any faces, shows Charlize and her daughters jumping off their yacht and into beautiful blue waters.

“Me and my girls 4 life,” the actress wrote.

Friends and fans alike loved looking at the awesome video.

“Yeah, baby. Get it. Love,” Chelsea Handler wrote.

“Love how you held hands all the way down,” Helena Christiansen commented.

Charlize Theron Is Adamant On Protecting Her Kid’s Privacy

Charlize Theron adopted her two children in 2015. She won’t sacrifice the privacy of her children for anything and takes a very active role in their lives. She’s spent a good chunk of the pandemic homeschooling them. Though, it wasn’t easy.

“It was an incredibly stressful time for me, and I will make any action movie over and over and over again before I home-school again,” she admitted to Today.

But she wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. Theron has frequently spoken about how proud she is of her two girls, and how she puts motherhood above anything else.

“I look at my two beautiful girls, and I think I have the worry that every other mother has,” she told TODAY in 2018. “I want them to be safe, and I want them to be able to live their full potential, and whenever that feels threatened, yeah, I go a little psycho as a mom.”

Theron Loves Motherhood

Theron may be private about the lives of her girls, but she’s been quite open about what motherhood has meant to her. The actress always knew she wanted to grow her family through adoption, but the process was hard. She even admitted that some of the lowest points of her life were her struggles during the adoption process, and the toll it took on her mental health.

Thankfully, she finally has her children. She said that the experience of motherhood has changed her for the better.

“(Being a mom) has made me a lot more patient than I naturally am,” she said. “I’m really grateful because they’ve taught me to be patient on a level that’s so unthinkable … My girls give me a run for my money, and I think it was meant to be. They were exactly who was meant to be in my life.”