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Check Out Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Christmas Card With His New Wife

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by David Howells/Corbis via Getty Images)

We’ve officially entered that weird no man’s land between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a time for jammies, leftovers, and reflections because the holidays aren’t quite over yet. Although a heatwave robbed a lot of us of that dreamy “White Christmas” yesterday, others had a little more luck over in that department. And one of those lucky ducks is none other than Dog the Bounty Hunter. So where did the famed reality personality spend his weekend? And more importantly, how?

An Instagram post from the star tells us a couple of things. First and foremost, Dog spent the weekend holed up in “Snowy Idaho.” Second, the bounty hunter must have had love on the brain. His Christmas card features his new bride, Francie Frane, in her gorgeous white wedding gown beside a dapper-looking Dog in a suit. There’s even a romantic fireplace behind them to really set the mood.

Check it out:

“From our family to yours,” the Christmas card reads.

The couple met nearly half a year after Dog the Bounty Hunter’s fifth wife, Beth, passed away following a battle with cancer. Francie Frane was also widowed after her previous husband, Robert, died in 2018. Dog and Francie announced their engagement in May of 2020 and were married (Photos here) on September 2nd this year.

And it wasn’t exactly an easy ride for the couple.

A Tumultuous Year

The wedding sparked a lot of controversy not only in the press but in Dog the Bounty Hunter’s personal life as well. In fact, at one point, his daughter Lyssa Chapman said the “wedding drama” was “ripping their family apart.”

“If you have a family you know that it’s dirty, messy, and 3 sided,” part of her Twitter rant read.

It made a lot of the fans long for the simpler times when the family was laughing and chasing fugitives together on their A&E show.

Remembering Dog the Bounty Hunter’s ‘Hunt for Santa’

One throwback segment from Dog and Beth’s old show actually fits the Christmas theme perfectly and is a great reminder of some of the family’s happy times. It involves Dog the Bounty Hunter on a mission to help his youngest son (Garry) believe in Santa Claus. “The Hunt for Santa” marks Season 7, Episode 4 of the A&E hit and it’s just as zany as you’d think.

Dog even starts off the episode with a little Christmas rhyme:

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Dog’s house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The fugitives are all tucked in their jails to stay, and yes oh Santa he’s on his way.

You can catch that clip right here: