‘Cheers’: One Actor Revealed Spitball Wars That Happened Mid-Shoot, ‘Stuck to George Wendt’s Hairline’

by Chris Haney

Like anyone else, when actors have some downtime in-between takes, they find something to do to pass the time. In the case of the hit ’80s sitcom Cheers, the cast would enjoy the same game as many elementary school kids: spitball wars.

While speaking to Thrillist in 2017, Cheers star Ted Danson opened up about some of the fun the cast had on-set. The majority of the show was filmed in the setting of a bar. Many scenes were shot around the pool table of the Cheers bar. However, Danson surprisingly said that wasn’t their go-to bar game. In fact, the actor admitted he used to think he was good at pool, but that might’ve all been in his head.

Danson shared a couple of their preferred bar games outside of pool while on set. The cast enjoyed playing darts – another appropriate game in many bars. For the others, the Cheers cast got a bit more creative. They played paper football together. But since Danson called the Cheers cast a “rowdy” bunch, they of course had to up the ante a bit.

“I used to think I was a pool player and boy am I not. I enjoy a good dart game,” Danson explained to Thrillist. “Did you ever play football with a folded piece of paper? Flicking it through someone’s fingers? We did that a lot too. We were also fairly rowdy [on the set of Cheers]. And we had no shortage of bar straws and paper napkins, so spitballs were common.”

The actor then revealed a hilarious addition to the spitball story, which involved Norm Peterson actor George Wendt.

“On the set while shooting. There are some episodes where you can see spitballs stuck in George Wendt’s hairline,” Danson amusingly added.

‘Cheers’ Star Ted Danson Reveals What the Cast Drank While Filming Bar Scenes

Many fans of Cheers probably wonder what the cast sipped on while filming their scenes. With so many of the episodes filmed inside a bar, the characters obviously drank alcoholic beverages often. Although that’s fine in real life, that isn’t exactly a recipe for success while acting if you’re drinking during numerous takes.

While speaking with Thrillist, Ted Danson revealed what the cast actually had in their bar glasses. The majority of the cast drank what Danson called “near beer.” Although he didn’t expand on that, we can assume that means either beer with a very low alcohol percentage or watered-down beer. As for mixed drinks and other cocktails, that’s a different story.

“Wonderfully colored water,” Danson said of the show’s fake cocktails. “Until the audience left. Then we would spend another hour shooting, putting cameras where they would have gotten in the way of the audience. During the reshoots, George and John [Ratzenberger] moved on to real beer.”

Even though “real beer” came into play eventually, the cast steered clear of liquor drinks. Sorry to disappoint you, Cheers fans.

“No, no. The acting would go out the window,” Danson admitted.