‘Cheers’: Ted Danson Shot Down the Idea of a Modern-Day Reboot

by Joe Rutland

“Cheers” fans are going to be disappointed by this news. Ted Danson gave a “thumbs down” to any idea of a modern-day reboot of the show.

During a 2018 interview on NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” Danson, who played bartender Sam Malone, really didn’t raise fans’ hopes a whole lot.

“It’d be a bunch of people in their 70s in a bar going, ‘What? What? A horse walked into a what?'” Danson said to Meyers. “Maybe ‘Cheers, The Old Age Home’.”

Danson Silences Crowd’s Optimism For ‘Cheers’ Comeback

The “Late Night” crowd was all in for the idea. Danson responded, “Don’t worry. It won’t happen to you.”

It should be noted that “Cheers” played a major role in NBC’s “Must-See TV” Thursday night lineup. The antics between Sam, Diane (Shelley Long), Rebecca Long (Kirstie Alley), Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson), Norm Peterson (George Wendt), and others brought in viewers week after week.

For 11 seasons, the Boston-based bar became a place for comedy and a little drama to play out each week. The show remains popular in syndication. Yet Danson isn’t all set for a “Cheers” comeback.

The first three seasons “Cheers” was on NBC, its highest point in the Nielsen ratings was 13th. Starting in the fourth season through its final episode, the show was securely in the Top 10 season after season. It finished No. 1 overall in one of its seasons.

Danson Found Himself Using Neat Trick To Stay Present In Role

Danson admittedly was not comfortable playing in front of a live audience on “Cheers” for laughs. It caused him to use a little trick to not be so worried if a joke went over or not.

After Danson would tell a joke, he would eat a pretzel or peanut to avoid questioning whether the joke landed.

“It started out. Just say your joke, eat a peanut,” Danson told Meyers. “Then we found out that wasn’t funny, so we moved to pretzels. I ate a lot of pretzels.

“It’s funny, but you do need with an audience, a live audience, you do need that in case your joke isn’t that funny,” he said. “And you thought it might be. You do need that thing to go to so you don’t just go (surprise stare).”