Chester Bennington’s Widow, Talinda, Pens Heartbreaking Tribute on Anniversary of His Death

by Joe Rutland

It was four years ago Tuesday that the music world lost the talents of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington. His widow didn’t forget.

Talinda Bennington shared a tribute to her late husband on Instagram. It’s heartbreaking and powerful to read at the same time. Take a look at what she wrote below this picture she posted of Chester Bennington.

“You always had a way to make us all laugh,” Talinda Bennington, widow of the Linkin Park lead singer, wrote. “You always made everything better. And when you put this lettuce cup on your head to make us laugh because our food was taking forever, you made everything better once again.

“I’m so glad that the kids and I have vast amounts of pictures and videos to remember you by,” she wrote. “We miss you every second of every day. You were the best person I have ever known. I see you in our babies every day. Lily is your mini me, with her looks and beautiful voice. Tyler has your wit, intellect, looks, and the same obsession for trying to figure out space and time. And Lila, she has your heart of gold.

“When they were newborns, you wrote your hopes and dreams for them,” she continued. “God must have seen what you wrote because they are truly everything you wished for them to be. I know you can see them. I would give anything to have you back so they could see you. But that’s why we have our entire life together on home videos. I’m glad I never stopped recording. Today we will watch some of them and remember how f–king amazing you were. I love you. R.I.P.”

Chester Bennington Was Found Dead At His Home In California

On July 20, 2017, lead singer Chester Bennington was found dead at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. Officials ruled his death a suicide by hanging. For much of his life, Chester Bennington struggled with depression and substance abuse issues.

In a case of irony, Bennington died on what would have been Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell’s birthday. Cornell himself committed suicide, also ruled as suicide by hanging, in Detroit, Mich., on May 18, 2017.

Chester Bennington, besides his work with Linkin Park, also was the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots, Grey Daze, and Death by Sunrise. Bennington had been a longtime fan of Stone Temple Pilots and he took over when the band split with longtime lead singer Scott Weiland. He joined STP in May 2013.

Fans around the world have not forgotten what Bennington brought to the world of music. His words, voice, and heart still beat inside many who loved what he did on stage.