Chevy Chase Celebrates His Daughter’s Birthday With Throwback Family Picture

by Amy Myers

Chevy Chase is celebrating his daughter Emily’s 33rd birthday the only way a day knows how – with an embarrassing snapshot. Earlier today, the Caddyshack star posted a throwback photo of the two with Emily’s mother on Instagram that sums up the Chase household perfectly.

In the photo, a younger, salt-and-pepper-haired Chevy Chase and wife Jayni pose behind their daughter, placing their hands lightly on Emily’s shoulders. Meanwhile, the young daughter sucks in her lips in a fish face, covered from forehead to chin in face paint. With a green headband and frilly dress, the ensemble encompasses the spirit of any young kid fed up with family photos.

“Happiest of birthdays to my daughter @em_chases !” the acting veteran wrote in his caption.

The freshly 33-year-old is the youngest of three daughters that Chevy Chase has with his third wife, Jayni. Oldest sister Cydney is 38, and middle sister Caley is 36. Like her father, Emily often shares hilarious moments with her family during their frequent visits together.

Chevy Chase and Daughter Frequently Share Family Moments

Most recently, the youngest daughter captured her father in the midst of a haircut. During the clip, Chase put on several silly faces, much like Emily did in their past family photo. Meanwhile, someone off-camera attempted to rehearse the lines from the famous fairytale “Humpty Dumpty,” implying that the seasoned actor couldn’t be put back together again. Along with the clip, Emily posted a much more polished photo of her father beside his stunning wife, proof that he could, indeed, be fixed.

As if the love between Chevy Chase and his youngest daughter wasn’t present enough, Emily also posted a touching yet comedic tribute to the actor for Father’s Day in true Chase fashion. Like her father’s recent birthday post, Emily shared an old snapshot of the two when she was younger. Though this time, Emily was a cute, chubby-cheeked baby with a too-large pink WB hat. Meanwhile, her proud father smiled genuinely, dressed in a white sweater vest and a blue button-down.

As sweet as this first photo was, the second demonstrates Chevy Chase’s relationship with his daughter more accurately. Both father and daughter made horrendously funny faces while seated on the couch together. The two photos seem to perfectly depict the kind of love present in the Chase household.

“Birds of a feather (except I’m a majestic eagle and he’s one of those annoying ones that wakes you up in the morning and thinks it’s funny) 🦅 🦅 #fathersday,” Emily wrote in the caption.