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Chevy Chase Classic Comedy Getting Reboot: See Exciting New Production Teaser

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

The classic 1985 comedy-thriller, “Fletch,” starring Chevy Chase, is getting an all-new Hollywood makeover.

The original movie generated a massive cult following. It was enough to get a sequel in 1989 called “Fletch Lives” also starring Chase. Over the past two decades, there has been a new reboot in development.

It seems like we may be one step closer to seeing “Fletch” attempt to live on once again.

Chevy Chase Reboot Movie in the Works

The reboot film is called “Confess, Fletch” and is actually based on the second book from Gregory McDonald’s 1970s mystery novels. This was the inspiration for the first two films.

According to the movie’s IMDb page, Fletch is now the prime suspect in multiple murders around town. He is trying to prove his innocence to everyone, while also helping his fiancé get her stolen art collection back. This is the only inheritance she was given after her father went missing and is presumed dead.

Deadline reported that the Chevy Chase reboot has recruited Jon Hamm (“Mad Men,” “Baby Driver,” “Bad Times at the El Royale”) as the title character.

The film will also star Marcia Gay Harden (“Mystic River,” “The Mist,” and “Into the Wild”) and Kyle MacLachlan (“Twin Peaks”). The film is being directed by Greg Mottola. Roy Wood Jr. (“Daily Show” correspondent) as well as Hamm’s “Mad Men” co-star from back in the day, John Slattery, will also appear. Wood is playing Detective Monroe in the film. He suspects that Fletch is the man behind the murders. The other roles are unclear.

Mottola even tweeted a photo of the new film logo on the back of a director’s chair. It’s already getting fans pumped for the reboot.

“We look forward to bringing Fletch’s iconic character back to the big screen with a modern-day twist. While the original film has been hailed a cult classic with a strong fan base, we are showcasing Fletch through a new comedic and sophisticated lens, highlighting the nuances of his character and the intricacies of his career as an investigative journalist,” said producer Connie Tave to Deadline.

Filming for New ‘Fletch’ Movie

The original Chevy Chase film fits in well with the revolutionary period of film history in the 1980s that birthed some of the biggest cult classics ever. However, the new “Confess, Fletch” film is going to be a modern take on the adventures and misfortunes of Fletch.

Jon Hamm and the crew are in Boston shooting the movie, which began this past Monday. “It’s very exciting, we all loved the movie growing up. It’s an 80s staple, and we’re going to, sort of, reboot it and update it for the 2000s,” Hamm said to Jimmy Fallon while on “The Tonight Show” on June 25.

According to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the film is tapping into local spots all around Boston to film. The “Fletch” reboot is even using the publication’s news offices and transforming them into a version of a Boston newsroom with some Hollywood flair. The movie is not at all a remake but is instead a reboot of the same universe and characters.

The timeline for the Chevy Chase reboot is unclear. However, at least fans can finally get excited after decades of waiting for “Fletch” to return to the screen.