Chevy Chase Gets All Patriotic for New Pic Celebrating Labor Day

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

It looks to be a very patriotic “Holiday Roooaaad!” for Chevy Chase and his wife, Jayni Luke during this Labor Day holiday. The duo took to social media Monday afternoon to share their patriotic spirit and wish a happy holiday to their Insta followers.

On Monday afternoon, the famous actor and comedian showed off his very patriotic holiday spirit as he cozied up with his wife of nearly forty years. The couple looks happy and content in the holiday photo, as they show off their smiles while enjoying the sunshiny outdoors during the holiday weekend.

And, hopefully, Chevy and Jayni’s holiday goes a lot better than those of Chevy’s National Lampoons counterpart Clark Griswold’s holiday experiences! It seems fine since there don’t seem to be any wild squirrels, erratic Christmas Lights, or awkward picnics to deal with.

“Happy Labor Day!” the actor exclaimed on a Monday afternoon Instagram post.

Chevy Chase and Jayni sit close together in the Insta photo. Both are looking calm and relaxed as they enjoy the three-day weekend.

Chevy is sporting a backward baseball cap and Jayni wears her hair down in a casual, wispy style.

Showing A Patriotic Sense Of Style

Chevy Chase has gone full patriotic for the Monday afternoon pic.

The actor sports a red-white-and-blue checkered button-down shirt while holding an American Flag. Chase has even added a pair of red sunglasses to complete his labor day Insta style.

Things are looking pretty great for the duo. Thank goodness they aren’t on their way to Walley World. Otherwise, things may be entirely different!

I’m Chevy Chase…and You’re Not

Chevy Chase found the start of his success as an actor and a comedian when he joined the other “not ready for primetime players” on the first season of Saturday Night Live.

Chevy Chase stepped onto the SNL stage as one of the popular sketch comedy show’s key players. During this time, the Actor’s portrayal of a news anchor on the show’s Weekend Update segment became one of Chase’s most notable roles.

Chevy Chase’s endearing goofy personality – one that somehow comes across as innocent yet smug all at once – led to the actor delivering the “news” in the weekly Saturday Night Live segment. His iconic delivery style is one that subsequent Weekend Update hosts and comedians have been modeling for decades.

Of course, since finding fame on SNL, and in a variety of comedy films throughout the 1980s including Fletch, Fletch Lives, Caddyshack, Three Amigos, and Modern Problems; Chevy Chases most iconic roles came when he stepped onto the big screen portraying Clark Griswold in the five National Lampoon’s Vacation films.