Chevy Chase Reveals Which Character Is Closest to Him

by Caitlin Berard

Many actors report drawing on personal experience, or even portions of their real-life personalities, to create characters, and Chevy Chase is no exception. That said, Chase has had anything but an average acting career.

Since 1968, Chevy Chase has acted in no less than 97 movies and TV shows and has yet another on the way. And though his comedic style shines through in the majority of his roles, each character has their own unique traits and temperament. He’s no doubt injected a bit of himself into each one, but which character is most like him? In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning‘s Jim Axelrod, Chase gave us an answer…well, sort of.

When asked the question, “Out of all those characters, which one is closest to you?” Chase responded, “I think Fletch, because it really was me, pretty much.” Okay, Irwin Fletcher, the eponymous main character in Fletch! Great answer.

After the follow-up question, however, Chase gives a rather unexpected answer (although, knowing his dead-pan style, is it really?). Axelrod asks, “What part of you?”, to which Chase replies, “Uh, my c**k.”

Jim Axelrod bursts into laughter at this response, but Chase remains perfectly stone-faced, as if his answer couldn’t have been more ordinary. As Axelrod attempts to compose himself, the narrator voices what every viewer is thinking: to this day, it’s still “hard to tell if Chevy Chase is just joking.”

Though the 78-year-old actor recently suffered a near-fatal cardiac event, it’s comforting to know he hasn’t lost that signature sense of humor we all know and love.

Jon Hamm to Step Into the Role of Iconic Chevy Chase Character

Speaking of Fletch, the 1980s comedy thriller franchise is getting a reboot and will hit theaters later this year! This time, however, Chevy Chase will be stepping down from the role of Irwin Fletcher. In his place will be Jon Hamm, the beloved star of Mad Men and Baby Driver.

Rather than a remake of the first film, Fletch, Hamm will pick up the role of Irwin Fletcher for the third installment of the franchise entitled Confess, Fletch. In this film, Fletch’s girlfriend entrusts him with the task of finding her stolen art collection. But, of course, the story gets more complicated along the way, as Fletch becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.

When asked about the upcoming reboot, Hamm said, “We’ve got an excellent script and an excellent director attached. [Chevy Chase‘s Irwin Fletcher] is big shoes to fill, obviously, but it’s a reboot, not a remake, so we’re going back to the novels and really breaking it down.” Perhaps Jon Hamm will channel the same, uh, part…of himself to create his version of the investigative reporter, Irwin Fletcher.