Chevy Chase Speaks Out After 5-Week Stay in the Hospital

by Charles Craighill

After a five-week stay in the hospital, the slapstick comedian and former SNL star, Chevy Chase has returned home. He did not reveal specifics about his time in the medical facility, however, he did mention it has to do with a heart issue. He recently spoke about his return home.

“These are my first few days home. I can only say how happy I am to now be back with my family. I’m feeling good,” Chevy Chase said in a recent interview. “I was in the hospital five weeks. A heart issue. So, for now, I’m around the house. Not going anywhere.”

Chevy Chase’s heart issue may have something to do with the alcohol cardiomyopathy diagnosis he received a few years back. He has quit drinking since, however, his heart issues have stuck around. His alcohol cardiomyopathy weakened his heart muscles due to alcohol abuse. Due to his poor health and his family’s begging, Chase decided to give up drinking, however, it did not completely fix his health issues.

Chevy Chase Attitude Issue

Chevy Chase’s health is not the only thing that has caused the actor trouble in his career. Ever since the young star rose to fame on Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase has reportedly been a difficult person to work with. His poor attitude and inflated ego have made it difficult for him to keep good relationships in the acting world. Since his departure from Saturday Night Live, the actor once dubbed “the funniest man in America” has not been much fun to be around.

For instance, Lorne Michaels, the head of Saturday Night Live, stopped allowing Chevy Chase to host episodes. Several cast members including Will Ferrell and Bill Murray have expressed frustration working with him. Chase reportedly reciprocated the frustration and anger in a 2019 conversation. “I’m amazed that Lorne has gone so low,” he reflected on a recent episode of SNL. “That means a whole generation of sh*t heads laugh at the worst f***ing humor in the world.”

Chevy Chase also displayed egotistical and difficult behavior when working on the hit comedy show, Community. Throughout the making of the show, Chase and creator Dan Harmon butted heads constantly. Chase had issues with the script, believing that the show simply was not funny enough. Their feud culminated with Chase leaving Harmon a voice message that called him a “goddamn a**hole” and a “fat f**k.”

However, Chevy Chase’s attitude issues have not totally been unwarranted. Well, more just a part of his whole aura if that makes sense. His catchphrase when he starred on Saturday Night Live was “I’m Chevy Chase- and you’re not,” after all. Certain confidence to the point of arrogance has been a part of his repertoire since he rose to fame in the early days of Saturday Night Live.

So, for all the backlash and bad press he receives, it really doesn’t matter to him that much. As he said in a recent interview, it all boils down to jealousy in his opinion. “I’m funnier than them? Yeah, I guess maybe. I’m considered good-looking? There you have it. I’m Chevy Chase. Go f*** yourself.”