Chevy Chase Surprises Customers at South Carolina Drive-Thru

by Chase Thomas

You never know who you are going to see when one is out and about. It could be a star athlete like Derek Jeter or it could be Luke Bryan at your local Zaxby’s. You never know who you might run into in your daily life. Sometimes, you might even run into the legendary actor Chevy Chase who surprised customers at a South Carolina Drive-Thru this week.

Chase spent some time working at Raising Cane’s in South Carolina, as he was in the area for a screening for his classic hit Christmas Vacation.

Rather than just dine at the eatery, he decided he better hop behind the counter as well.

He took orders and chatted with the staff and customers for a bit as he worked the drive-thru window to spread some holiday cheer.

Chevy Chase on ‘Christmas Vacation’

Chase was an icon in his role as Clark Griswold. Everyone loved those iconic National Lampoon’s movies from that time period. They are still viewed all across the country today. One of the funnier and more interesting aspects of the sequel set in Chicago years later is the different style of comedy for the Griswolds. It was more physical humor than the original. It was still funny, just very different with Clark hurting himself along with the rest of the family, perhaps highlighted by the squirrel that makes its way into the Griswold home.

Chase told the Daily News, “I loved the stuff on the roof, which was typical of Clark Griswold.” So even though the type of humor was quite different from the first and a bit different for Chevy Chase, it was clearly a big hit for Chase who saw the humor and enjoyed that scene on the roof with the Christmas lights.

He continued, “I loved sliding down the roof and hanging on. It was all very funny and I love Ellen (D’Angelo) coming out and going ‘Um…Clark?’ Nothing seems to bother her. It’s time for dinner and Clark is outside in a bush somewhere. Anything with Randy … that was funny. He’s just the troublemaker and that’s the thing, when you see Cousin Eddie show up, you know the movie is gonna blow up, ya know?”

Yes, Cousin Eddie was also hilarious in the movie. Like Chase said, when Cousin Eddie shows up with the crew and that iconic scene with the sewer drain. You just knew the movie was going to be a hit. Chase is right to point out that Ellen just goes with the flow for Clark. It’s interesting that Chase notes that quality, though, as it difficult to tell as a viewer if that was the intent.

You can watch Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation now on HBO Max.