Chevy Chase and His Wife Catch Up With Bill Murray

by Chase Thomas

Chevy Chase and Bill Murray are two of the most iconic actors of their generation, highlighted, perhaps, by their co-starring roles in the unforgettable hit Caddyshack many years ago.

Well, Chase took to his personal Instagram to show that he was able to catch up with his former co-star Murray this week.

Fans loved the picture of the two of them together. One fan wrote, “Make another film together, or a show, or anything! Just sit and chat and record it.”

Another wrote, “Love you guys, some of my fave comedians!”

Chevy Chase in ‘Christmas Vacation’

One of Chase’s most iconic, roles outside of Caddyshack was his role as Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. If you had fun watching those movies, especially Christmas Vacation, you will be thrilled to know it was just as much fun for Chase to film as it was for you to watch it.

Chase told the Daily News, “I loved the stuff on the roof, which was typical of Clark Griswold.”

He continued, “I loved sliding down the roof and hanging on. It was all very funny and I love Ellen (D’Angelo) coming out and going ‘Um…Clark?’ Nothing seems to bother her. It’s time for dinner and Clark is outside in a bush somewhere. Anything with Randy … that was funny. He’s just the troublemaker and that’s the thing, when you see Cousin Eddie show up, you know the movie is gonna blow up, ya know?”

Isn’t that something? With all the shenanigans Clark finds himself in, his wife remains unphased by it all. She does not seem to notice it one bit. That’s part of what made the couple so hilarious to play off of. Clark is always getting himself into extremely bizarre circumstances and yet he still finds his way out of them.

Chase and the Griswolds have become part of a Christmas tradition for so many folks all around the country. Along with Elf, A Christmas Story and so many others, when you think of Christmas movies you think of Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase and Christmas

He added, “It makes me feel like Jimmy Stewart in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.” Because of how involved he is during this time of year with the films. He continued, “I love it and it’s one of the unusual ones, to say the least. But I think the movie is terrific and the movie is about a family at Christmas time and it’s quite realistic. From the second you hear ‘The little lights are not twinkling’ you know it’s starting to go wrong and the next thing you have is Cousin Eddie and Clark going ‘Eddie? Is that you?’ And you just know all things are going to go awry.”

Folks are always going to love to check back in on Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold.