‘Chicago Fire’: Are Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney Friends Outside the Show?

by Megan Molseed

Chicago Fire fans know that Jesse Spencer’s Matthew Casey and Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide work closely together on the hit NBC series. Initially, the two Chicago Fire characters were slightly competitive. However, as the series continues, Casey and Severide grow closer and closer. Over the years, Matthew Casey and Kelly Severide bond at the station house in a professional capacity.

The One Chicago firefighters also help each other in a variety of complications in their personal lives. This is a friendship we all certainly love to see. But, how close are the One Chicago actors after the cameras stop rolling? Well, turning to social media posts can give us some clues. It seems as if Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney like to spend time together outside of the Fire set.

Does The Truth About A ‘Chicago Fire’ Friendship Lie In Some Twitter Posts?

Among a variety of moments showing the two Chicago Fire stars hanging out and having fun away from the One Chicago set are a few particular Tweets that seem to stand out. One of these is a tweet shared by One Chicago Updates. In the tweet, we see a video that shows us the stars of the hit NBC series may have a bond that goes beyond the one shared by Casey and Severide.

The brief video depicts an – apparently – sound asleep Taylor Kinney as he takes a snooze on the floor of Chicago Fire’s Firehouse 51. As Kinney takes his rest, Jesse Spencer stands above him quietly decorating his costar’s shirt with something white.

“Jesse Spencer (@Jesse_Spencer) and Taylor Kinney (@TaylorKinney111) on the set of Chicago Fire,” the hilarious tweet says of the video depicting Jesse Spencer’s mischievous ways.

No, we don’t know what it is, but it’s still hilarious. Plus, this very likely shows the relationship the One Chicago stars have when the cameras stop rolling. And, it looks like a lot of fun! Does this hilarious on-the-set prank suggest the actors have a solid friendship off-camera?

Taking In A Cubs Game Away From Firestation 51

Another possible clue that suggests a strong bond between Chicago Fire’s Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney appears in an August 2021 tweet. This post features the two stars as they take in a good old-fashioned baseball game.

Last summer, the @bestofjspencer Twitter page shared some photos of the stars having a good time laughing it up at a Chicago Cubs baseball game.

“Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney friendship for your TL,” reads the August tweet. This is certainly a friendship we are happy to see on our timelines! Certainly, it seems that the One Chicago stars are very likely just as likely to kick it off-set as they are on the Chicago Fire set.