‘Chicago Fire’ Shares Behind-the-Scenes Video of ‘Hank’ the Cat Rehearsing for His Scene

by Shelby Scott

Wednesday night’s episode of “Chicago Fire” highlighted a plethora of dramatic and adrenaline-pumping scenes. In sum, Chicago’s entire 911 call center falls victim to hackers. Citizens across the city and first responders alike struggle to contact emergency personnel. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Severide assists in an arson investigation. Soon enough, a potential suspect literally gets set on fire, entirely complicating the fireman’s investigation.

However, most importantly to highlight from this week’s episode is the latest “Chicago Fire” behind-the-scenes clips. Last week’s episode saw a beloved church cat doused in gasoline and set on fire. Fortunately, this week a different, and much luckier cat, made his appearance.

Always faithful to the interests of “Chicago Fire” fans, Wolf Entertainment’s latest video tweet captures Hank the Cat’s rehearsal ahead of tonight’s episode. The striped feline trots into the scene and onto the couch, taught by the show’s onset animal trainer, Christine J. Mahaney.

The scene out of context appears simple and insignificant. However, in progression of the episode, it served to prove the innocence of a young boy during Severide’s arson investigation. The moment came as he hoisted the large cat into his lap, the friendly feline willfully accepting love.

“Chicago Fire” fans commented on the post, one ironically writing, “Puurrrfect acting.” Another suggested the name originated from one of “Chicago Fire’s” sister shows, “Chicago P.D.” after Sergeant Hank Voight.

Regardless, I think this talented kitty deserves a round of a-paws.

“Chicago Fire” Welcomes Back a Familiar Face

As a whole, Wednesday night’s episode encapsulated a collection of dramatic scenes and a feature on Hank the Cat. However, we also saw the return of a familiar character following Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer‘s departure.

Several “Chicago Fire” seasons ago, Severide briefly left Firehouse 51 to join the city’s arson investigation team. During his time in arson investigation, our lieutenant worked alongside fellow arson investigator, Lieutenant Wendy Seager. Played by actress Andy Allo, the episode put quite an emphasis on the actress’s return, featuring her heavily as she and Severide work to get to the bottom of their latest arson case.

However, while it’s nice to see the show welcoming back familiar faces following such a crucial character departure, some “Chicago Fire” fans may be less than thrilled to see the investigator’s return.

When Severide first joined the arson investigation team, Seager clearly had a thing for our lieutenant, frequently asking the fireman out for drinks and such. While her intentions may have been innocent, her advances came at a time when Severide’s relationship with Stella Kidd was as it was now. And while previously, Severide had been known to make some intense mistakes during his relationships, he made his point clear with Seager that he was committed to Stella and had no plans of stepping away from their relationship.

Now that the two firefighters are engaged, it should be interesting to see how long Seager sticks around this time and whether or not she causes more friction in our “Chicago Fire” couple’s relationship.