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‘Chicago Fire’: Capp Actor Randy Flagler Explained How Role Accomplishes a Childhood Dream

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Chicago Fire star Randy Flager gets to live a dream on the NBC drama. It might seem too strange to cast Flagler as a star of the program, but he does appear in every single episode of the show. That is not a coincidence.

Flagler spoke with One Chicago Center about his role and working on the show. Flagler said, “You act and do a bunch of different jobs, different characters, but as a kid you always want to be a firefighter.”

As a kid, Flagler revealed that he wanted to be a firefighter. It wasn’t until later did the acting interest come. First, it was doing something super cool that helps so many people like being a firefighter.

He continued, “and then as an actor, to have a gig and be a firefighter – to put on the gear and the tank and run into fires and play with the trucks and rigs and sirens going down the road – it is a dream job. An acting gig and a firefighter? It was the best job for me, so I’m extremely thankful.”

It’s the best of both worlds for him. Not only did he want to be a firefighter as a kid, but he also wanted to one day be an actor, too. On Chicago Fire, he is able to play both roles. As he tells it, it’s a “dream job” for him. It all feels real because of everything they have to wear and all gear and whatnot. And it’s consistent work, as Randy said, “I’ve done pretty much every episode.” He continued, “They use us during the events, with the fires and all that stuff, and there are a lot of times you’ll see us sitting at the squad table and so on.”

Randy Flagler On ‘Chicago Fire’ Role

Randy is always around on Chicago Fire. He’s not looking for an expanded role, either. Randy told One Chicago Center as well that, “They’ve given us a few little things, like I know with Capp, I’ve got my mom and we have this huge garage sale every year that’s kept me from going to Vegas with Severide to party or whatever.”

He concluded, “He has these little quirks like adult coloring books, usually getting ripped on by the rest of the squad until it’s time for a scene, and then it’s business as usual. But he seems a little quirky.”

It’s not big-time, but they are getting their moments on Chicago Fire and Randy does seem to enjoy his role on the show. Part of the charm of the NBC drama is the dynamic between Tony and Capp and how different the two characters are. Only time will tell if their roles expand.