‘Chicago Fire’: Christian Stolte Boldly Sounds Off on Newcomers Joining Show

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

Christian Stolte’s Randy “Mouch” McHolland is one of only a handful of characters who can boast an involvement with “Chicago Fire” from the very beginning. Jesse Spencer fell into this grouping, too, alongside Taylor Kinney, David Eigenberg, Eamonn Walker, and Joe Minoso, but that streak recently came to an end. And so it goes. Ponyboy Curtis taught us “nothing gold can stay” as he recited Robert Frost’s poem back in S. E. Hinton’s ’67 novel, “The Outsiders.” Pretty solid life lesson there if you ask me.

And with the recently announced delay of the Season 10 finale, “Chicago Fire” fans have more time than ever to reflect on the show’s past, present, and future. New episodes return on 12/8 which gives us approximately 21 days of limbo, but who’s counting? Apparently, the answer is that the cast is right there with us. As we come together to lament the waiting period, Christian Stolte is here to stir the pot as he boldly sounds off on how he feels about newcomers joining the show.

Christian Stolte Keeps It Short and Simple Regarding Newbies

It’s tough being the newbie anywhere and if you grew up changing schools, you know what I mean. You’ve got to make a good impression all while figuring out where it is you actually fit in. Which table do you eat lunch at? What club(s) do you join? As a newbie at Outsider, it’s kind of the same thing. What’s my voice? Do our readers want to hear about stories and escapades from my time working in the music industry? My crush on Jesse Spencer?

Let’s get back on track. We’re talking about “Chicago Fire” here. When it comes to new firefighters or paramedics joining Firehouse 51, Christian Stolte keeps it short and simple: “They either get it, or they don’t last very long.”

That being said, Stolte also says the ones that stick around become something like family. He says the cast “doesn’t tend to take ourselves very seriously.” Moreover, he says, “We mock ourselves and each other all the time and once in a while…each of us realizes we’re pretty good at this.”

David Eigenberg Chimes In With His Own Feelings About the Cast

Christian Stolte’s “Chicago Fire” co-star David Eigenberg adds: “Everybody is on board…There’s never been a moment of someone going like I’m not doing it like that type thing.” Instead, there are “many selfless, how can I help make this work” moments.

Eigenberg is the man behind “Chicago Fire’s” Christopher Herrmann. He builds off of Stolte’s statement to say that the team always operates with “a conversation about being better as opposed to being, the self, the individual,” because “We all want each other to be as good as we can!”

And that’s pretty much how we operate at Outsider, too.