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‘Chicago Fire’: Christian Stolte Explained Why Mouch Never Really Wanted to Be Chief

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jeff Schear/FilmMagic)

Fans of the hit NBC series Chicago Fire know that Christian Stolte’s character Randall “Mouch” McHolland may be a core character on the popular series. Fans also know that he has never held the position of fire chief in the Chicago Fire station.

This, of course, is an odd fact for some who know that Stolte’s character is one of the senior ones on the One Chicago team.

However, it’s not totally unusual for fans who know the character is just fine doing the work that needs to be done at the Chicago Fire station house. Even while surviving under a variety of some fire chiefs who are decidedly newer to the career.

“I had to decide very early on how I feel about these young guys shooting past me in promotions,” the Chicago Fire actor tells One Chicago Center about his character’s feelings as Mouch serves under Chiefs that are often younger than him.

“I decided that I was a never exceptionally ambitious guy,” Christian Stolte adds in the interview.

For the Chicago Fire actor, these reasons for this are pretty simple.

According to Stolte, Mouch simply doesn’t “like paperwork.”

Nor does the firefighter desire to be “part of the big picture.”

Especially when it comes to the requirement that the chief makes big decisions within the firehouse.

‘Chicago Fire’s’ Mouch Appreciates Those Promoted Above Him

The Chicago Fire actor adds that it’s important to him that he decides how his character responds as younger firefighters get promoted to the position. Characters such as former chief, Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer).

“I decided that Casey is my hero and that I would follow him anywhere,” Christian Stolte explains of his relationship with Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey on the series. “And when he becomes a Captain, that elevates me in a sense.”

According to Stolte, the dynamics Chicago Fire fans see on the show such as this is primarily due to the show’s talented cast. And the player’s abilities to understand – and communicate – what their characters are feeling.

“I think by that token we got a great guy to play him,” Christian Stolte says of Casey.

The Chicago Fire actor adds that Matt Casey’s Jesse Spencer is one of the most talented actors he has seen. And, Christian Stolte notes, this makes it easy for his own character to look up to Spencer’s Chicago Fire Chief.

“Jesse’s a constant professional at what he does,” the Mouch actor explains of his fellow Chicago Fire character.

“He’s insanely talented,” the actor adds of Casey.

“Both musically and [in] every other sense” Stolte adds. “I feel like we’re being led by the right guy. I think Mouch feels the cream usually rises to the top.”