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‘Chicago Fire’: Christian Stolte Revealed How Much Input He Gets on Mouch’s Storylines

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

On Chicago Fire, Christian Stolte plays the role of the loveable and genuine Randall “Mouch” McHolland. Throughout the show’s 10 seasons, we’ve come to admire his protective nature and devotion to the team. And really, that wouldn’t be possible without Stolte’s connection to his character. So, just how much of Mouch comes from Stolte?

When you work on a show long enough, sometimes, the show’s stars can pitch an idea or two to the writers. Given Stolte’s experience and likeability on Chicago Fire, it wouldn’t be surprising if the actor has begun working as much behind the scenes as he does in front of the cameras.

In an interview with Starry Constellation Magazine, Stolte explained just how much influence he has on Mouch.

“The writers inevitably incorporate aspects of an actor’s personality that they have observed into future storylines, but it’s not often I propose Mouch-related ideas directly to them,” Stolte explained.

Stolte Also Expressed His Admiration for the Show’s Writers

Thanks to the writers on Chicago Fire, Stolte continuously finds new ways in which he and Mouch are similar. And Stolte is grateful to have such a gifted staff behind the scenes.

“The role only gets more and more comfortable. The writers keep finding ways to explore new facets of this cat and I am constantly amazed at what they pull out of their hats,” he told KGET.

“Once you have been that guy for a season or two, they start writing that guy to be more like you,” Stolte continued.

Ever the modest star, Stolte claimed that he acts as the writers’ device to deliver Mouch’s character.

“It’s rewarding for me and I hope it is rewarding for [the writers],” the Chicago Fire star added.

Meanwhile, Another ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Has Added Some Experiences of His Own to the Character

While Stolte has yet to add any anecdotes to his character, Chicago Fire co-star Joe Minoso incorporated a crucial life story into his role of Joe Cruz.

It happened while Minoso was spending some time offset with the show’s director, Dick Wolf. Jokingly, the star firefighter suggested that Cruz could have a side job that related to his real-life weight loss journey. Back before Minoso joined Chicago Fire, he was a Zumba addict and lost 70 pounds thanks to the program. Now, as a successful actor, Minoso is still an advocate of the dance workout. So, when Wolf decided to add the Zumba aspect to Cruz’s storyline, Minoso happily busted out his best moves.

Of course, whenever a real-life story makes it into the show, the actors more easily connect with their characters. And, in return, fans appreciate the authenticity. Hopefully, for Chicago Fire fans, we’ll get to see and hear more “Zumba stories” in future episodes.