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‘Chicago Fire’: Christian Stolte Opened Up on Jesse Spencer and Other Cast Members’ ‘Heartbreaking’ Departures

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

For ten seasons the One Chicago series Chicago Fire has been bringing fans some intense and moving episodes week after week. And, fans continue to be thoroughly entertained with these impressive storylines as the hit NBC drama series continues this fall.

In fact, this season especially, the popular NBC series has made some major changes. Among these big changes has been the exit of one of the show’s favorite characters, Jesse Spencer’s Matthew Casey.

Casey’s Chicago Fire exit certainly shocked and surprised fans of the popular series this season, as were his costars. All of us felt the same sting of heartbreak when the longtime Chicago Fire player said his touching goodbyes earlier this fall.

“We hang out together constantly,” says Chicago Fire‘s Christian Stolte of his costars in a recent interview.

“We know each other as well as I know anyone else in my life,” the actor adds.

“They are just the best group of people,” Christian Stolte continues. “When somebody has to go, it is heartbreaking.”

‘Chicago Fire’s’ Stolte Is a Fixture In the Firehouse

Christian Stolte has been a part of the Chicago Fire firehouse since the series premiered ten seasons ago.

The One Chicago character, Randall “Mouch” McHolland is known for his dedication to his position in the Chicago Fire station.

Mouch’s dedication means that he’s always ready to do whatever it takes to protect his fellow crew members. Stolte’s Randall “Mouch” McHolland is known for his adoration of one particular couch within the Chicago Fire station.

In fact, the Chicago Fire firefighter covets this relaxing spot so much that his penchant for the seating has earned him the nickname “Mouch.” A name that stands for “half-man, half couch.”

Stolte has certainly been open about how his costars exits from the popular series have affected him. The actor has also been candid about how the same exits have affected the rest of the show’s crew over the years. However, says Stolte, he knows that this is all part of the evolution of a series such as this.

But, the actor notes, he doesn’t plan on joining his former costars by making any major changes to Mouch’s role on the popular NBC series anytime soon.

“The role only gets more and more comfortable,” the Chicago Fire star explains.

“Once you have been that guy for a season or two, they start writing that guy to be more like you,” Stolte adds of the series’s showrunners.

“You become a toy they get to play with,” the actor explains. “It’s rewarding for me and I hope it is rewarding for them.”