‘Chicago Fire’: Could Brett and Casey Face Trouble in the Future?

by Shelby Scott

Romance seems to be the topic at hand over on “Chicago Fire” as we await more brand new episodes. After Stella Kidd‘s long furlough, fans were almost certain she and Kelly Severide would wind up calling off their engagement. Meanwhile, Violet struggles to make her friendship with Gallo work while developing a steamy new relationship with Field Chief Hawkins. And of course, we have our lead paramedic Sylvie Brett. Despite working through a long-distance relationship with former Captain Matt Casey, she seems to be doing relatively well.

However, that can’t be the case for long. As Soaps points out, things have been “hunky-dory” for Brett and Casey despite the distance between the two characters. Unfortunately, though, all good things come to an end. The outlet even hints that fans might begin to see cracks in the “Chicago Fire” couple’s rather new relationship.

The reasoning for the couple’s potential termination comes as Brett, one of “Chicago Fire’s” leading females, maintains a partnership with a character completely off-screen. For now, Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer’s departure from the series seems pretty permanent. As such, it’s only a matter of time before that off-screen romance becomes awkward and unconvincing.

‘Chicago Fire’ is Running Out of Leading Ladies and Spearheading Romances

Therefore, because so much of the “Chicago Fire” storyline depends on interdepartmental relationships, showrunners are running out of interesting options.

Severide and Kidd have wholeheartedly pulled their engagement and relationship back on track. With that, we’re definitely hearing wedding bells down the line. Meanwhile, Soaps points out that Violet, ensnared in a love triangle, has a while to go before her romance can head that sect of “Chicago Fire.”

So, we’re left with two options. Either Captain Matt Casey returns to be with Brett (again, not likely at the moment). Or, showrunners slowly begin to break down their relationship and make room for new, though disheartening subplots.

Could a ‘Stellaride’ Wedding Drive ‘Brettsy’ Apart?

Always quick to share the most pertinent “Chicago Fire” information, showrunner Derek Haas previously revealed the potential for a Matt Casey return. Specifically, he suggested a Stellaride wedding could serve as the perfect moment to bring back the captain. That said, the outlet highlights while weddings often bring couples closer, in Brett’s case, it might just drive her and Casey apart.

While we have little confirmation yet, it’s possible that “Chicago Fire” fans may begin to look forward to a Matt Casey return as we journey closer to the conclusion of season 10. And as Kelly Severide “officially” proposed to Stella Kidd during the latest new episode of “Chicago Fire,” we might just see the Captain return to be Severide’s best man. In that aspect, we would be more than happy to see Casey back on screen.

Regardless, the couple’s off-screen romance endures and only the return of the series at the end of this month will reveal where Brett and Casey go from here.