‘Chicago Fire’: Could Stella Be Leaving the Show in the Future?

by Lauren Boisvert

Stella Kidd has already had a long stint away from “Chicago Fire”; could she be heading towards another one? She and Kelly Severide are finally on the right track in their relationship, after she left Chicago and didn’t speak to anyone for months. But, she’s still not a lieutenant, which is what she really deserves. That’s kind of the whole point of her coming back.

But, now we have Pelham and Stella both qualified for the same position. Although, I don’t see Boden just giving her the position. She didn’t answer the phone when he called to offer her the job, so she kind of brought it on herself. Could the fact that she’s not moving up at the station cause her to leave again?

The official synopsis for the next March episode states that Stella “pursues an open lieutenant position.” But where? And with what station? Could she be looking out of the city? Out of state, even?

And what about Severide? The two are finally, actually engaged, with a ring and everything. Could she just up and leave him again? Is she still scared of commitment or has she worked through that? If she’s still scared to commit, I feel like she’d have to take some time to think if she was offered the lieutenant position. This could cause some problems in her relationship if she disappears again.

There’s already going to be some possible competition in the upcoming “Chicago Fire” episode. Wendy Seager is coming back, with Severide working with the OFI again. Wendy never hid the fact that she had a crush on Severide, but that was before Stella came back. Severide is going to have to stick up for his fiancée if he’s really committed to her, because I don’t see Wendy backing down unless she’s explicitly told no.

‘Chicago Fire’: Who’s Been in Every Episode?

Speaking of all these characters, who’s actually been in every episode of the series? Definitely not Stella, we know that because of her long absence. But how about Taylor Kinney’s Severide? Definitely.

Kinney has played Severide on “Chicago Fire” since 2012; Severide is a shift lieutenant, and joined Firehouse 51 at 23. This makes him the youngest firefighter to join the station.

Additionally, Christian Stolte has played Randall McHolland from the beginning. Mouch is one of the longest-running members of Truck 81, and in addition to being a firefighter, he’s also a firefighter’s union rep and president of the firefighter’s union.

Eammon Walker’s Battalion Chief Wallace Boden is also a long-standing character. Severide and Casey definitely looked up to him; he’s a great role model for his firefighters, and constantly sets an example for them. “Chicago Fire” has a lot of great characters on its roster, but these three have been and continue to be around since the beginning.