‘Chicago Fire’: Could the Team Be Saying Goodbye to One of Its Original Members?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/FilmMagic)

Could we be witnessing the exit of one of Chicago Fire’s original players this season? Recent events on the popular NBC drama have certainly suggested this change. As one of the show’s original characters recently discovered that he is desperately needed somewhere else. Far away from Chicago Fire’s Firehouse 51.

On the October 13 episode of Chicago Fire, Matthew Casey who is played by Jesse Spencer on the hit drama series, visited the Oregon home of Griffin and Ben Darden.

The Darden boys are the sons of Casey’s best friend and fellow firefighter, Andy Darden. Darden was killed in the line of duty.

It has been years since Casey had seen the boys. And, once he arrives at their Oregon home, Casey sees that the boys are living in the middle of a very dangerous situation.

‘Chicago Fire’s’ Matthew Casey Discovers A Dire Situation

Griffin and Ben Darden, who had been staying with their aunt, have been abandoned by the adult who was supposed to care for them.

And, their home and living situation is a mess. Young Griffin was left to take care of the home, and Ben has been regularly getting into trouble.

Initially, Matthew Casey tries to teach the young boys how to manage the home as best he can.

He tries to give Griffin a few recipes, and set things up for the boys who have few options. However, it soon became clear that the boys needed more than just the little bit of help that Casey could give in the moment.

During a discussion with Griffin and Ben’s social worker, Casey learns that the system already knows that the boy’s aunt has left. And the two will soon be headed into foster care.

To make matters worse, Casey learns that the boys will very likely split and be placed in two separate homes.

Casey suggests that he will be happy to bring the boys home to Chicago as their guardian. However, the social worker tells the firefighter that this option isn’t feasible.

According to the social worker, removing the boys from their current home – and their friends – will likely do more harm than good.

The situation is further complicated since the boys’ mother is currently staying in a correctional facility near their Oregan home. Their mother is not likely going to agree to Casey taking the two all the way back to Chicago.

Casey’s Promise To Take Care of the Boys

When Matthew Casey prepares to head back to Chicago, he sees that Ben has kept a firefighter badge. As well as a picture of the old firehouse crew that featured their father, Andy.

This moves the firefighter to begin considering other options regarding his future with the boys.

“We’ve always said any firefighter’s child is every firefighter’s child,” Casey tells Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) when he returns to Chicago Fire’s Station 51. “Herrmann, I think I have to move to Oregon, take care of those boys.”

Of course, Matthew Casey’s dedication to his friends family is commendable. And, something his fellow fighters are not surprised to see.

“I gotta be honest, it breaks my heart to hear you say that, because it means you leaving 51,” Herrmann tells Casey during their discussion. “But… it’s what Andy would have wanted.”