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‘Chicago Fire’: Daniel Kyri Explains Ritter’s ‘Bromance’ With Gallo

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

“Chicago Fire” returned Wednesday after a month-long hiatus during the 2022 Winter Olympics. And while sparks flew in more ways than one in the latest episode, we’re here to explore another on-screen relationship, a “bromance” if you will, between characters Darren Ritter and Blake Gallo.

Gallo and Ritter are the two youngest first responders in “Chicago Fire” alongside Ambulance 61 paramedic, Violet. For now, Violet is off pursuing a new relationship with Paramedic Field Chief Hawkins. Simultaneously, Ritter’s actor Daniel Kyri spoke with Looper about what makes his and Gallo’s actor Alberto Rosendi’s on-screen friendship a bromance.

“The two of them are really fun together,” the “Chicago Fire” star began. “I find the most joy and authenticity in representing their relationship in the moments that are, what I call, ‘the eye rolls.'”

He explains these as times where Gallo and Ritter’s varying levels of emotional maturity conflict. Kyri explained this conflict “leads to these moments where Ritter watches Gallo do something or say something, and Ritter is over it. That’s the eye roll moment.”

What makes the “Chicago Fire” characters bromance more believable, however, is that, “apart from the job and the things that these characters have to carry within themselves in order to accomplish the job…there isn’t a whole lot of commonality between them.”

Most recently, we’ve seen Ritter and Gallo’s varying levels of maturity clash in situations pertaining to Violet. The latest example actually took place in “Chicago Fire’s” February 23rd episode. At the time, Gallo criticized Violet’s brand new relationship with paramedic and authority figure Chief Hawkins. Tune in next week to stay caught up on all the firehouse drama.

Will ‘Chicago Fire’ Fans See a ‘Stellaride’ Wedding This Season?

Speaking of relationships, the most prominent within “Chicago Fire” right now is that between Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd. And when the series aired its brand new episode this week, one character officially teased wedding bells, rather than engine sirens, might just be in our future.

When season 10 of “Chicago Fire” returned from its midseason hiatus, things had become uncertain between Severide and Kidd. Season nine of “Chicago Fire” had seen Kidd finally attain Lieutenant status. However, while Boden worked to find her an open position, she abruptly left to expand Girls on Fire. And what was supposed to be a brief furlough turned into a months-long endeavor. And, as we recall, Kidd had practically ghosted Kelly.

Her return marked a stark relief for fans, however, the episodes following saw tension between the two characters. Fortunately, though, that tension was short-lived and, at the end of January, Severide officially proposed to the new lieutenant.

At the end of this week’s episode, Kidd, Brett, and Violet were collecting their things in 51’s locker room when our senior paramedic found Stella’s ring in her locker.

“What’s this?” she exclaimed with the utmost excitement. After congratulating Stella, Brett said, “Maybe it’s time to plan an actual wedding now?”

Much to our surprise, Kidd barely hesitated before enthusiastically agreeing with her coworker.

Hopefully, then, “Chicago Fire” fans will finally see the wedding ceremony we’ve all been waiting for.