‘Chicago Fire’: Everything We Can Learn From Season 10 Premiere Pics

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Chicago Fire season 10 is just around the corner, and the premiere pics have fans talking. The first episode of Chicago Fire is titled Mayday. With fans waiting to see who will survive from squad 3 after a nail-biting finale, the images carefully avoid spoiling too much but still give some bits of information away.

The premiere pics show those from Firehouse 51 fighting a fire, but those from squad 3 are nowhere to be found. Squad 3 consists of Lieutenant Kelly Severide, Tony, Capp, and Joe Cruz. The season 9 finale found all of them struggling underwater, trapped during a rescue. The rest of the firehouse waits on shores for them to emerge.

In the photos… they’re still standing there waiting. This will likely mean the episode will pick up right where the finale left off.

Other photos show Christopher Herrmann showing up at Gallo’s doorstep. There’s also a shot of Ritter, Violet, and Gallo sitting down and drinking some beers. Other photos are candid-looking images of Wallace Boden, Herrmann, Hill, and Brett.

Another set of photos shows Casey and Mouch as well as Gallo and Kidd battling a fire on a rooftop. Another photo shows one member of the squad saving someone from the said rooftop, with the building in flames.

Wich Cast Members Will Depart the Show?

Another way to learn more about an upcoming season is by looking at any announced cast departures. But despite the perilous situation squad 3 found itself in, it looks like all of its members are returning to the series for season 10. So far, no series exits have been confirmed, which is good news for Chicago Fire fans.

All major stars of the show are set to return. However, some guest stars won’t be coming back. Actors Adriyan Rae and Jon Ecker will not be returning to the series when it comes back this month. Rae played Gianna Mackey, a childhood friend to Joe Cruz.

Ecker played Lieutenant Greg Grainger. Grainger was a love interest for Sylvie Brett, and it looks like he’s not coming back for this season.

But other than Ecker and Rae, it looks like fans will see their favorite stars coming back to Chicago Fire.

‘Chicago Fire’ Is a Part of the Larger ‘One Chicago’ Franchise

Chicago Fire is a part of a larger franchise spearheaded by Law & Order creator and executive producer Dick Wolf. The NBC franchise also features Chicago PD and Chicago Med. In a new premiere poster, the actors from each series unite.

The poster announces that each show airs back to back to back on the same night, which helps boost all three in the ratings. You can catch the premiere of Chicago Fire as well as all the other shows in the One Chicago franchise on Wednesday, September 22nd.