‘Chicago Fire’ Executive Producer Says the Show Misses Jesse Spencer Every Day

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images)

The characters of Chicago Fire seem to be adjusting to their lives without Matt Casey just fine. But the cast and crew still misses actor Jesse Spencer every day.

Next week’s Chicago Fire holiday episode titled Winterfest promises a lot of action with a giant fallen Christmas tree and the return of a long-lost castmate.

Miranda Rae Mayo is finally reprising her role as Stella Kidd after a five-month hiatus. Obviously, we’re thrilled to see the lieutenant back to work at Firehouse 51. But it also makes us realize how much we wish Matt Casey would come back, too.

But sadly, the Chicago Fire world keeps on spinning without Casey. So we must continue to suffer without our favorite handsome fire captain.

According to TVLine, his long-distance love Sylvie Brett seems to be handling life without Casey just fine. She’s currently fronting a new paramedic program to help minimize 911 calls to the Chicago Fire Department. And she’ll finally see her plans come to fruition in the holiday special.

During a temporary rollout, the Paramedic in Charge will pitch her idea to the big wigs and see if she can get full funding to make the program a permanent situation.

But despite Brett’s jolly life without her beau, everyone on set is still feeling the exit of Casey’s beloved actor Jesse Spencer.

“We miss his presence,” the executive producer told TVLine. “Not only onscreen but onset. He made every day fun. It’s a big hole and I think you miss that on the show.”

Kara Kilmer Was Thrilled That Jesse Spencer Played her On Screen Love Interest

Jesse Spencer may have said farewell to Chicago Fire. But the cast loved working with him while they had the chance—especially Kara Kilmer.

At the end of season nine, Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey finally sealed their will-they-won’t-they relationship with a kiss. The duo went on to enjoy a year-long relationship. But in season 11, the fire captain left Chicago to care for his late best friend’s kids.

The fan-favorite couple is in it for the long-term as they try a long-distance relationship. But the actor has moved on with his career.

And Sylvie Brett’s actress Kara Kilmer may be taking the exit harder than most. Because according to a 2020 interview with Tell-Tale TV, she was incredibly grateful to have worked with Jesse Spencer. And she was thrilled that he was the person she was able to share an on-screen relationship with.

“Thank God it’s Jesse. I really enjoy working with him. He is such a delight,” Kilmer gushed. “He’s a total dork in real life. And we pretty much just sit around and make puns and play tiny instruments, and that’s kind of what the behind-the-scenes looks like for he and I.”