‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Are Not Happy About Wendy’s Return

by Anna Dunn

Wendy is returning to Chicago Fire, but fans are not happy about it. Following the surprise exit of main longtime cast member Jesse Spencer, character Wendy Seager has re-joined the show. Her last appearance was on season 8.

Seager is a lieutenant in the office of fire investigation. She’s played by actress and musician Andy Allo Allo is known for her work on Amazon’s Upload and her work on Pitch Perfect 3.

But unfortunately, Wendy’s return has gotten off to a rocky start when it comes to fan reception. Not all are thrilled to see the character again. To make matters worse, people are not happy she’s flirting with Severide.

“Not Wendy asking Severide out now that Stella isn’t around,” one fan tweeted. Most fans are in agreement, seemingly protective of Severide’s current relationship.

Another fan, however, had a different perspective.

“Wendy stays shooting her shot with Severide… but can we blame her?” one fan Tweeted “Do you boo! They both make a great team!!!! Hope she will be sticking around.”

Fans will have to see if Severide’s relationship with Kidd will continue to flourish or if there will be some added strain with Wendy’s presence. As fans noted, the flirtation between the two may not have been one-sided.

How the ‘Chicago Fire’ Actress Who Plays Kidd Imagines a Kidd and Severide Wedding

Fans are so protective over the Kidd and Severide relationship because the two have had a developing romance for years. Now, Kidd may be moving to a new station, but fans are still hoping to see the relationship between the two continue.

When asked about a potential wedding, Kidd actress Miranda Rae Mayo told Entertainment Weekly that if the two characters were to get married, they’d try and keep it modest.

“I don’t see it being very big,” she said. “I see it being on a boat or, I don’t know, them being in the midst of planning it and then being like, ‘Screw it!’ and going to city hall. As fans, we’ve seen that was Casey and Dawson’s journey. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the writers do with our characters if an engagement happens and if a marriage happens.”

No matter what happens with Kidd, there’s debate about whether or not actress Miranda Rae Mayo will leave the show. Kidd has spent a ton of time on the Girls on Fire program, and that plot is still ongoing. It would be a big disappointment to see her leave in the middle of that.

While there’s no guarantee, it looks like she’ll be around for whatever unfolds next with Severide. Hopefully, everything will go alright for Kidd, Severide, and the newly joined Wendy.