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‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Brett and Gallo

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

It’s been quite a few weeks since NBC‘s “Chicago Fire” saw the official departure of fan-favorite character, Captain Matt Casey, previously played by Australian actor Jesse Spencer. The original cast member’s departure came as quite a shock. Showrunners dedicated only an episode or two to hinting at Casey’s departure. Nevertheless, Casey’s leave actually resulted in quite a different and unique relationship. Now, as the subplot develops, fans have fallen in love with the idea of a Blake Gallo/Sylvie Brett friendship.

As most “Chicago Fire” fans know, prior to Casey’s departure, Brett and Gallo rarely shared any meaningful moments together. Looper states the pair of first responders really didn’t even share a friendship. However, their personal character growth and growth as friends have majorly developed since the Captain’s leave.

From the get-go, “Chicago Fire” fans had widely varying opinions on the Brett and Casey relationship. Many protested the pair as a couple. However, the outlet states most fans have united in their support of the paramedic. Many have highlighted her intense heartbreak as her efforts to make hers and Casey’s relationship work long-distance seem fruitless.

At the same time, Gallo developed a completely different, though incredibly meaningful, relationship with Matt Casey. Gallo got his start at Firehouse 51 when Casey decided the enthusiastic and athletic fireman would make a good addition to the crew. From there, he taught Casey the most important values of being a Chicago firefighter. In addition, he helped the younger character work through his trauma after Gallo revealed his sister died in a fire.

Brett and Gallo Ignite New ‘Chicago Fire’ Subplot

In general, it’s safe to say that both Brett and Gallo are mourning Firehouse 51’s loss of Captain Matt Casey. Although, obviously for two different reasons. Regardless, one of the latest episodes of “Chicago Fire” saw the two first responders sharing their grief with each other in the firehouse closet. Since then, fans immediately gravitated toward the pair’s friendship. Now, they’ve been relentless in their admiration for the pair’s development.

Following the heartfelt scene, fans took to social media, several requesting, “More Gallo and Brett please?”

Others had similar sentiments about the new “Chicago Fire” friendship. One fan wrote, “The friendship I never thought I needed.”

More comments reading, “I love them,” and “I am all for this” popped up on various social media platforms following the episode.

However, while we are more than excited to watch this new “Chicago Fire” subplot further develop, we are more anxious about the midseason finale for several other reasons.

Primarily, Outsiders have been left wondering whether “Chicago PD’s” newest addition, Lieutenant Jason Pelham, will become a permanent fixture on the show. In connection to that, fans are worried whether Stella Kidd’s long absence from “Chicago Fire” signals her final departure, in addition to the new lieutenant’s authority over the Firehouse 51 veteran.

Be sure to tune in to NBC on Wednesday, December 8th at 9 p.m. ET for “Chicago Fire” answers.