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‘Chicago Fire’ Has Fans in Tears with Photo Gallery of Matt Casey Through the Seasons

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images)

Okay, all stoic attitude and facts aside, Wednesday night’s 200th episode of “Chicago Fire” left Chi-fi fans an emotional mess. The milestone episode marked the departure of 10-season original cast member Jesse Spencer. A day later, fans are in their feels about the beloved character’s leave.

In tribute to 10 years following the growth of Firehouse 51’s Captain Matt Casey, @NBCOneChicago shared a thread of the character’s photos over the seasons. Overall, the post left fans in tears. Check out some of the photos below.

The original post captures Matt Casey as a Lieutenant on truck 81. It’s on this truck in particular where he remains throughout his time over 10 seasons of “Chicago Fire.”

The remainder of the gallery is located in the replies section of the original tweet. Each reply captures a single photo of the character’s growth as a person and fireman over the years.

We Bid Adieu to Captain Matt Casey

The final two photos in the gallery come from the show’s most recent episode and the season 9 finale. Both show concern blatant on his face, the wellbeing of others always at the forefront of his mind and actions.

The gesture is sweet. It puts a highlight on both the character’s and actor Jesse Spencer’s contributions to “Chicago Fire” over time. Aside from his physical appearance, we can clearly see his character grow. His sense of duty quickly expands outside the realm of Firehouse 51 and his own concerns.

Fans shared their thoughts below the thread, many of which shed tears at learning of Jesse Spencer’s departure.

“This was beautiful and man you guys know how to keep a secret,” shared one “Chicago Fire” fan. Another wrote, “Tears rolled down my cheeks as the show said good bye to Captain Casey.” She then tagged Jesse Spencer, accurately sharing, “you will truly be missed Mate!”

Head on over to @NBCOneChicago on Twitter to view the rest of the gallery.

‘Chicago Fire’ Tops Ratings with Wednesday Night’s 200th Episode

Wednesday night’s episode, though tough to watch and difficult to process, topped the night’s ratings. Hauling in an impressive 7.1 million viewers, “Chicago Fire” outperformed its sister shows, “Chicago Med” and “Chicago P.D.,” as well as other hit network television series.

“Chicago Med” followed relatively close behind “Chicago Fire,” attracting 6.5 million viewers. Meanwhile, our other beloved “One Chicago” series, “Chicago P.D.” actually took a dip in ratings. The show lagged behind at only 5.4 million viewers.

The 10 o’clock time slot tends to be an unpopular one across network television, which could explain Wednesday night’s dip in ratings for “Chicago P.D.”

Nevertheless, as fans adjust to the void left by Matt Casey actor, Jesse Spencer, we can only wonder at how “Chicago Fire” will perform as we head further into the season.