‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Question Why Gabby Only Returned for One Brief Episode

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” has sustained a pretty regular cast over its 10 seasons on NBC, with just a handful of exceptions. One of those is former Ambulance 61 paramedic Gabby Dawson, who departed the series back in season six.

However, Dawson made one brief return during season eight. As we know her character left Chicago for Puerto Rico after her disheartening divorce from Captain Matt Casey. However, after so much time, fans remain confused about why Gabby returned for just one episode and hasn’t been back since.

After six full seasons on “Chicago Fire,” Gabby’s one-time return to the Windy City in season eight left fans confused. According to Looper, the episode, “Best Friend Magic,” appeared to set up the former paramedic’s potential return. It saw Casey and Gabby briefly reunite for one romantic night before we saw their final parting.

Overall, it served as a pleasant surprise within the series, and especially among Firehouse 51’s crew. It was then that current paramedic Sylvie Brett was able to reunite with her best friend. Regardless, in reference to the random episode, one “Chicago Fire” fan wrote, “Was there any specific reason as to why gabby came back for that season 8 episode?”

Fellow “Chicago Fire” fans provided a handful of reasons, all of which are plausible.

One Redditor posited that Gabby’s return was intended to serve as an added obstacle to the slowly growing “Brettsey” romance. However, they deemed the episode “so out of nowhere and unnecessary.”

Another “Chicago Fire” fan suggested a simpler, more straightforward explanation.

“Why do writers bring back any character in any show – Ratings.”

Meanwhile, one final suggestion is that Gabby’s return served as closure for Casey, “nothing more.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Sees New Romances Bloom Ahead of Valentine’s Day

Casey and Gabby’s relationship might have crashed and burned several seasons ago. But, one brand new “Chicago Fire” romance is sure to have fans at the edge of their seats.

Writers first introduced the department’s brand new Paramedic Field Chief, Evan Hawkins, in the second episode of season 10. Since his arrival, the character has gained more and more air time, rapidly developing feelings for paramedic Violet Mikami.

Their initial interaction took place when Violet unleashed her frustration on a bystander as she and Brett responded to a call. Hawkins soon arrived at 51 to reprimand the paramedic. However, their conversation was was cut short when Violet’s appendix burst, the Field Chief catching her before she collapsed on the floor.

Afterward, Violet’s fiery nature seemed to attract the chief’s attention. When the department hosted their annual gala during the latest “Chicago Fire” episode, the pair overcame the romantic tension between them, sharing a passionate kiss.

Hopefully, when the series returns from its hiatus on the 23rd, we’ll see more of the couple’s developing relationship.