‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Reveal What Really Scares Them

by Kati Michelle

NBC’s “Chicago Fire” has been bringing fans along for the ride of some of the most dangerous dispatch calls and first responder rescues since 2012. Actually, the show’s nine-year anniversary fell on October 10th earlier this month. Though the show won’t be the same with Jesse Spencer’s exit, fans remember the Matt Casey character for his sacrifices and bravery in the face of extreme danger.

On that note, NBC’s official Twitter account for “Chicago Fire” has a question for fans on this spooky Halloween Day. They want to know: What are you afraid of?

‘Chicago Fire’ Twitter Account Reveals Phobia of Clowns and Asks Fans To Share Their Own Phobias for the Spooky Holiday

NBC keeps an active Twitter account for their hit drama series, “Chicago Fire.” They often post interactive polls and questions to keep the audience engaged. To celebrate the day of “trick or treats,” they shared this tweet and asked fans to join in the conversation:

Their tweet shows off a hoard of clowns as they trample through a cemetery. And turns out, there’s a name for the fear of clowns. The phobia is called coulrophobia. With the revival of Stephen King’s “It” featuring Pennywise over the past couple of years, it’s not really hard to understand why that fear might be a thing.

Fans jumped in with their own secret fears, some of which may surprise you. Of course, many people mentioned a fear of spiders (arachnophobia). Snakes also made an appearance on the list. This latter fear’s official title is apparently ophidiophobia or ophiophobia. A lesser common fear of another vermin, rats, also made the cut (musophobia).

Other fans made clever references to the show citing fears of mattress factory fires and the rough-around-the-edges character of Hank Voight. Finishing out the list, fans mentioned fears of wasps (spheksophobia), geese (anatidaephobia), and even dogs (cynophobia).

A Look Back at the Show’s Most Heroic Moments

The first responders and firefighters of “Chicago Fire” know that danger’s just a part of the job. Their courage sees them through blazes, explosions, and collapsing buildings on the daily. As the characters say: “Men die when they relax.” Saving lives takes a hearty focus, dedication, and ultimately sacrifice too.

Enjoy this look back at some of the show’s most heroic moments in an inspirational montage:

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