‘Chicago Fire’: Full Recap of Episode 13, ‘Fire Cop’

by Shelby Scott

Well “Chicago Fire” fans, the series has finally returned after its month-long hiatus. Finally, we have some answers regarding Violet and Chief Hawkins’s burgeoning relationship. The first frames of the new episode feature a closeup of Violet’s aqua-colored dress from the gala. Nearby, her fancy heels lie on Hawkins’ bedroom floor.

“Are you ghosting me in my own bedroom?” Hawkins joked as Violet redonned her dress. Violet, anxious about her and the chief’s professional relationship, argues every point that makes their relationship a bad idea. Later, he texts her, “There’s good trouble and there’s bad trouble. This is good trouble.” In the end, Violet decides the good trouble is worth all the frowning from colleagues and superiors.

‘Chicago Fire’ Reintroduces Girls on Fire at 51

Back at Firehouse 51, Stella Kidd approaches Lieutenant Pelham about reactivating Girls on Fire while she’s on shift. Right away, the new “Chicago Fire” commander approves the move. However, he expresses concern about oversight of the program if Truck 81 gets a call. Always willing to help, Kylie steps in. The rest of the episode sees the young woman repeatedly stepping up to help Kidd run the Girls on Fire.

Even more exciting, Kidd gets her official first recruit. During one session, one of the girls tells her she plans to become a firefighter upon turning 21. And finally, after a season following Kidd’s journey to lieutenant-hood, Kylie approaches her. She openly confronts Kidd about why she hasn’t gone for the position when the whole point of Girls on Fire is to help young women attain leadership positions.

Severide Solves Another Arson Case, Giving Fans a Happy Ending

The primary rescue for “Chicago Fire” turns into an interesting arson investigation. While there, Gallo finds himself amid growing flames and gets blasted out of one of the building’s windows. Fortunately, he’s able to grasp a ledge and catch himself.

During the arson investigation, Wendy Seager and Kelly Severide team up to prove the innocence of a teenage girl. Right away, the teenager’s neighbors, and even Seager herself, believe she’s guilty of starting the fire. Severide, always analytical, gets help from Violet and Brett, and they eventually find the real cause of the fire. In the end, the young girl is proven innocent. And, after Severide wraps up his arson case, Kylie quickly helps Stella realize her engagement is in no danger from Wendy Seager.

As if that weren’t enough action and drama for one episode, Brett and Violet discover Stella’s engagement ring in her locker, where our paramedics suggest, now that it’s official, Stella should consider thinking about wedding plans. So, will we see a Stellaride wedding in season 10 after all? Tune in next week for another all-new episode of “Chicago Fire” on NBC at 9 p.m. EST.