‘Chicago Fire’: Has the Show Ever Done a Valentine’s Day Episode?

by Shelby Scott

There’s no lack of romance on Dick Wolf’s hit series “Chicago Fire.” With Valentine’s Day just days away, fans, myself included, are wondering whether the show has ever done a Valentine’s Day-centric episode.

Unfortunately for us, Outsiders will miss that opportunity this year. For now, the Winter Olympics have taken over NBC. As such, “Chicago Fire” won’t air a new episode until after the unofficial holiday. So we can expect the series’ returning to the network on Wednesday, February 23rd.

Meanwhile, Fansided shared with us some insight regarding past-seasons’ romances and Valentine’s Day celebrations. However, the outlet was sure to emphasize that “Chicago Fire” has never intentionally celebrated the romance-filled day as it has with other holidays like this year’s Christmas episode.

Valentine’s Day Takes a Backseat to Some Intense Rescues

Instead, longtime “Chicago Fire” fans might recall an episode during season five, “Trading in Scuttlebutt.” This particular episode did take place around Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, though, for those hoping for a happy ending, the episode’s conclusion saw Severide realize things wouldn’t work out between him and his current love interest.

Later, in season seven, “Chicago Fire” puts a downcast spin on Valentine’s Day. Sylvie Brett has intended to escape the glitz of the holiday. Instead, she heads home to Indiana, Firehouse 51’s two other female first responders, Stella Kidd and Brett’s then-partner Emily Foster, at her side.

Their Valentine’s Day getaway, however, took a turn for the worse. During their drive, they came upon a crashed school bus full of teenage hockey players. Things end well at the episode’s conclusion. Although it definitely took the gals, and “Chicago Fire” fans, far from the romance of Valentine’s Day.

The remainder of “Chicago Fire’s” 10 seasons does see some reference to the unofficial holiday. But, as Fansided points out, some of the best romantic moments take place when we least expect them. One prime example took place just recently. The last new episode finally saw Violet and Chief Hawkins break the tension between them, sharing a kiss at the department’s annual gala.

How Many New ‘Chicago Fire’ Episodes Are Left for Season 10?

As “Chicago Fire” endures its second hiatus of the latter half of season 10, it makes us question how many new episodes are actually left.

Fortunately, the series returns with an all-new episode in less than two weeks, debuting its 13th episode for season 10. After that, fans will be relieved to know that we have quite a few episodes left before the season concludes.

As per Steven Kern, NBC‘s head of scheduling, this season of “Chicago Fire” boasts a full 22 episodes overall. And with the 13th episode debuting at the end of this month, season 10 shouldn’t conclude until well into spring.

In regard to the upcoming episode, entitled, “Fire Cop,” we also have the scoop on what fans should expect.

The episode description reads, “Severide and Seager team up to investigate a fire at the home of a troubled young woman; Pelham moves into 51’s rumored cursed office; Kylie assists Kidd with Girls on Fire.”

With all that, fans can expect to see an episode surrounding all of “Chicago Fire’s” current forerunning characters.