‘Chicago Fire’: Here Are Stella’s Paths to Getting That Big Promotion

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

When we last heard from Firehouse 51, the “Chicago Fire” officers were attending the department’s annual gala. Meanwhile, its underdogs hosted a party of their own. Now, as we await “Chicago Fire’s” February 23rd return, we wonder whether there’s still a promotion in the cards for Lieutenant Stella Kidd.

“Chicago Fire” last aired a new episode in January. Now, the series sees a temporary hiatus during the 2022 Winter Olympics. In review of the last episode, Severide shared an official marriage proposal with Kidd, giving her a beautiful diamond ring. Additionally, “Chicago Fire” fans went wild when Violet finally shared a romantic kiss with Field Chief Hawkins.

However, most importantly, Stella demonstrated her dedication as a member of firehouse 51, standing in during Lieutenant Pelham’s absence. In an incredible show of force, she heads to Chicago Fire Department headquarters. There, she demands a closer look into Pelham’s precarious position.

Her actions show she is more than ready to become a lieutenant, despite Jason Pelham’s current occupancy of that role. As such, CinemaBlend explores the potential routes that could lead to the female firefighter’s promotion.

Will ‘Chicago Fire’ Fans See Pelham Make Way for Stella?

For now, Jason Pelham, played by actor Brett Dalton, remains a recurring character on “Chicago Fire.” That’s compared to Stella’s regular status. As such, the outlet points out the potential that showrunners may just keep Pelham around until season 10‘s conclusion. Last we saw Pelham, he witnessed how well Truck 81 liked and responded to Stella in a leadership position. As such, CinemaBlend suggests that, with his name now clear, Pelham may head to a different firehouse, keeping 51’s original crew intact.

Next, the outlet’s second suggestion is likely one we haven’t considered.

If you recall season nine and Stella’s original plans, Boden had hoped to see the firefighter obtain the role of Lieutenant on an Engine at another firehouse. Currently, original cast member and fan-favorite character Christopher Herrmann occupies the role of Lieutenant on Engine 51 at Firehouse 51. However, a large family combined with a strenuous career might see the fatherly fireman step down from his position.

So far, we haven’t seen any evidence suggesting Herrmann will vacate his position. However, the latest episode did witness him and fellow senior fireman Randall “Mouch” McHolland exploring the hardships they’ve endured over their many years at 51. Perhaps, after so much tragedy among the occasional highs, it’s time for both to step back from the action.

Will Firehouse 51 Bid Stella Kidd Goodbye?

Okay, as we know courtesy of Stella Kidd actress Miranda Rae Mayo and “Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas, Kidd isn’t going anywhere. The announcement provided major relief as we were nearly certain the character’s time at 51 had come to an end.

However, if Stella still intends to pursue a leadership position, she may just have to leave 51. Not only would it be heartbreaking for our first responders, but it would also break our hearts.

Nevertheless, as the outlet points out, Stella had been recommended for a position at another firehouse before leaving to run Girls On Fire. With nothing currently available, it is possible she might head on out of the “Chicago Fire” home base.