‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s How the Crew Reacted to Jesse Spencer’s Replacement

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

In the days after Jesse Spencer’s departure from “Chicago Fire,” fans and characters alike are asking, “Who’s going to replace him?” We got our answer in episode 7 titled “Whom Shall I Fear?” Lt. Jason Pelham, played by Brett Dalton, is replacing Matt Casey as leader of Truck 81. But how does the squad feel about that?

Firehouse 51 didn’t really welcome Pelham in with open arms. They’re a bit wary of him, despite him not being a weird or bad guy. They just don’t want him to come in and start acting like Matt Casey. Which, he probably won’t; he’s his own man, his own character, and he knows he has big shoes to fill.

But, while the crew didn’t fully embrace him, they didn’t outright refuse him either. They’re just keeping him at a distance for right now. They trust Boden’s judgment in the decision, but the wound of Casey leaving is still raw for them. It’ll take some time to heal over.

Gallo, in particular, didn’t like Pelham at all. He constantly talked back to him, because he’s still mourning losing his mentor. He doesn’t want this new guy coming in acting like he’s the next Casey. But Pelham didn’t do that; he didn’t let Gallo talk back to him, at least. He’s standing his ground as the new guy, but he seems to have some sort of checkered past that “Chicago Fire” will most likely get into eventually. Additionally, Gallo got a much-needed centerstage in this episode, showcasing his emotions about his mentor leaving.

Christopher Herrmann also set up something about Pelham’s past by questioning why such a qualified guy was drifting without a position for so long. We’ll see what “Chicago Fire” uncovers about Pelham in the rest of the season if he lasts that long.

‘Chicago Fire’: Bomb Threat Amid Severide’s Arson Investigation

“Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD” will have a minor crossover in an upcoming episode; Kelly Severide and Kevin Atwater team up to investigate a deadly arson case that Severide’s been working on. The two team up to investigate what seems to be the arsonist’s hideout. They stumble upon plans for a bomb, and it throws them for a loop.

“If you ask me he’s getting ready for something big,” says Severide in a trailer for “Chicago Fire,” “PD,” and “Med.” While investigating the hideout, Atwater points to a piece of paper with schematics drawn on it and says, “What’s this right here, a bomb?”

Cut to Boden shouting, “Evacuate the building, now!” Firefighters run all over the place, carrying children, most likely ushering people out of a building that’s going to blow up. Kelly Severide gets a close-up, looking completely stricken. We can only wait for this episode of “Chicago Fire” to find out if there really is a bomb, and if everyone evacuates safely.