‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s What 24198 Means on the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

From a season 9 episode of “Chicago Fire,” titled “Funny What Things Remind Us,” a mysterious set of numbers cropped up. When Casey and Severide were trying to rescue a man found in an abandoned building, instead of saying his name when asked, he only uttered the numbers “24198.”

This baffled Casey and Severide. They thought maybe it was a firefighter code, but couldn’t think of anything that matched. A safety deposit box? Half of a birthday?

There were many clues and mysteries that popped up while they were looking for an explanation, but finally they found it; “24198” was the man’s old badge number. He was a former Chicago police officer who suffered from dementia and only remembered his badge number. With help from Trudy Platt from “Chicago PD,” they find out the man’s name is Henry Sidwell.

This was technically a crossover with “Chicago Fire,” “PD,” and a bit of “Med.” But, it wasn’t nearly on the scale of the “Infection” crossover. That was a huge production between all three shows. The Sidwell episode was just a fun way to bring some characters together in the interim.

So, mystery solved. According to Fansided’s One Chicago Center, there aren’t any plans to crossover all three shows again in the current television season. But, look out for mini-crossovers between two shows, like “Med” and “Fire” or “Fire” and “PD.” That’s sure to tide fans over until the next big crossover event.

‘Chicago Fire’: Is Stella and Severide’s Relationship Safe?

Stella and Severide are finally back on track after the disaster that was Stella leaving and not answering anyone’s calls. The two are now officially engaged, with a ring and everything, so now they’re going to settle in at the firehouse and live their lives, right?

Well, there are two things coming up that may halt some plans. First, Wendy Seager and the OFI are coming back. When Wendy worked with Severide on investigations before, she never hid the fact that she was attracted to him. But, that was when Stella was gone. Now she’s back, and so is Wendy. If she tries anything, Severide is going to be tasked with letting her down. Wendy seems like the type of person who needs an explicit “no,” otherwise she’s going to keep trying. If Severide is truly committed to Stella, he’ll have no problem with this.

Additionally, the synopsis for the upcoming March “Chicago Fire” episode states that Stella is pursuing a lieutenant position. But, where? Is she leaving the firehouse? Leaving Chicago again? Or is this an in-house position? And, if it is, what’s happening with Pelham? So many questions, so few answers at this time. We’ll just have to wait until “Chicago Fire” comes back to find out.